Biona Organic Vegetable Juice 500ml

Biona Organic Vegetable Juice 500ml

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Organic pressed vegetable juice, not from concentrate.

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More about Biona Organic Vegetable Juice

Biona Organic Vegetable juice combines the nutrient goodness of seven different organic vegetable juices. This handy 0.5l prisma pack replaces our bottled vegetable juice whilst the recipe remains the same. Biona Beetroot Juice combines organic beetroots with a twist of zingy lemon juice. Recognised as a natural source of nitric oxide, beetroot juice has been found to increase stamina and lower blood pressure.


Tomato juice*, carrot juice*, beetroot juice*, cucumber juice*, celery juice*, sauerkraut juice*, onion juice*, sea salt, lemon juice*, spice extracts, dill juice*.

*Certified organic ingredients

Nutritional Information

Per 100ml:
Energy 66kkJ/16kcal, Protein 0.9g, Carbohydrate 2.7g (of which sugar 2.7g), Fat 0.1g (of which saturates 0.01g), Fibre 0.8g, Sodium 0.16g.

Other Information

Once opened keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days.
Shake before opening.

Organic, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Biona Organic Vegetable Juice 500ml


- Wed 10th Feb 2016

A great alternative to sugary drinks if you're thirsty that I found very appealing, and all the ingredients are perfect for me (usually I dislike something in everything!). A healthy tonic.

Good! - Tue 25th Feb 2014

I enjoyed he veg juice because it wasn't predominantly tomato juice as other often are. Would like it a bit spicier tho!

Super Juice - Sat 5th Oct 2013

Biona Organic Vegetable Juice 500ml is refreshingly full of natural nutritious vitamins flavoured packaged goodness drink which can be drunk on its own or mixed with other drinks, shakes/smoothies, yogurts or spiced up with liquors or added in cooking eg. soups, rice, pasta, curries, stews, deserts, vegetable and fruit salads and sauces - pure taste.

Unique - Thu 18th Jul 2013

This is a bit different to regular vegetable juice and I feel even more wholesome due to the sauerkraut and dill juice - they add a tangy, zingy flavour which really makes me feel refreshed.

Biona Organic Vegetable Juice - Sun 19th May 2013

The best vegetable juice I've tasted on the market. Nice to have organic veg available juiced. Although it's always best to juice your own, this is the tastiest back up I've found.

a hint of lemon - Sat 18th May 2013

Straight forward ingredients and delicious. Love the hint of lemon.

- Tue 27th Nov 2012

This is a little more expensive than others on the market but I think that is because it is organic and not made from concentrates so I guess much healthier and tases really good too (especially served very cold).

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