Biona Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Unrefined 500g

Biona Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Unrefined 500g

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Unrefined coconut palm sugar from the nectar of coconut palm blossoms.

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More about Biona Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Unrefined

Coconut Palm Sugar is an ancient form of sugar which is gaining new popularity partly because of its low GI status.

Coconut Palm Sugar (sometimes just called palm sugar) has a GI level of just 35. This low glycemic value means that it is beneficial to diabetics and people watching their weight. It is also low in fructose, even though it is taken from the sap of a coconut tree.

The taste is described as something like a mild butterscotch or caramel flavour. It can be used in the same proportion as sugar in cooking and it has a low melt temperature and a high burn temperature which makes it a useful ingredient. It doesn't turn food brown when cooking either.

Biona's Organic Coconut Sugar is completely natural, not filtered, processed or bleached, and it offers a rich supply of mineral salts, B vitamins and amino acids - this is part of the reason that it is gaining popularity among health gurus. In fact many cultures throughout history have valued it for its health benefits. It is also known by the names gula kelapa, jaggery or gur (but should not be confused with Indian cane sugar which can also be called 'jaggery'). Biona's organic coconut palm sugar has rich butterscotch and caramel flavours. It can be used as an alternative sweetener in drinks, baking and desserts, and it is really yummy on cereals.


Coconut palm sugar.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:

Energy 1604kJ/383kcal, Fat 0.5g, Carbohydrates 92.8g of which sugars 87.5g, Protein 2.6g, Salt 0.1g

Other Information

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34a Clifton Road,

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Organic, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Biona Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Unrefined 500g


- Fri 6th May 2016

Great product. Natural sugar replacement, super easy to use!

- Wed 20th Apr 2016

This coconut palm sugar tastes better than regular sugar! It has an almost caramel taste to it. Delicious in my coffee and tea.

Good Product - Sun 17th Apr 2016

Natural alternative to ordinary sugar which makes excellent cakes. Very pleased with this product.

- Thu 4th Feb 2016

This sugar is brilliant! We have started to use it more and more to replace 'normal' sugar due to lower GI and the fact it is more natural. So far, I have used it in biscuits and puddings, and whilst it doesn't always seem to melt into the rest of the ingredients, it sweetens exactly as refined white sugar would and has a nice flavour. Would definitely recommend this product.

Uh-mazing! - Sun 30th Aug 2015

This stuff is just amazing, the taste is of caramelised sugar while being all round better for your health. Made into a caramel with coconut milk and grass-fed kerrygold butter you'll swear you've gone to heaven...couldn't be without this stuff now.

- Sat 11th Jul 2015

The best tasting coconut sugar I have found. I use it for all my baking. Perfect in crumble toppings and it gives a wonderful treacle toffee flavour to flapjacks.

- Fri 19th Jun 2015

I love this stuff. I could eat it off the spoon! It's got a lovely delicate caramel flavour. Not great in your tea as its overpowered, but absolutely amazing in banana smoothies, and sprinkled on fruit and porridge.

- Mon 18th May 2015

I prefer to use this when baking for my little one instead of caster sugar due to the low GI. I actually prefer the taste now as its not too sweet. I have substituted it in all cake/muffin/biscuit/scone recipes.

- Fri 15th May 2015

I tend not to use sugar any more and prefer honey or maple syrup but this comes in handy if you need a dry sugar for baking. Much healthier than white sugar as it still contains some minerals. It will add colour and a bit of caramel flavour to the cake/biscuit...

Wonderful product! - Tue 21st Apr 2015

I absolutely LOVE this sugar. It is not overly sweet in flavour but adds a beautiful hint of caramel to anything you desire. I love using it in anything from flapjacks to tea/coffee for a guilt-free sweetener. Best sugar out there and I will continue to buy it from GoodnessDirect over and over again! Highly recommend.

- Thu 16th Apr 2015

Great substitute for white sugar! Lovely caramel taste

- Mon 17th Nov 2014

I bake as I used to but when I do I use palm sugar which works perfectly. I also prefer the slightly caramel flavour. The 550g is also good value for money.

- Sat 6th Sep 2014

Love this in coffee

I - Sun 15th Jun 2014

Incredible rich caramel smell and it tastes amazing in baking. Would seriously recommend!

- Thu 30th Jan 2014

This is a good buy, I've paid a lot for this at our health food shop, the flavour is delicious, like caramel.

Wonderful! - Tue 24th Sep 2013

I had to get a bigger packet because the smaller one was so popular and ran out quickly! I love this sugar because everyone can eat it, even those who don't like coconut! It really tastes like a cane sugar and is just as versatile for hot and cold foods!

- Fri 24th May 2013

Lovely in porridge, I used to use stevia but this is better. Its really delicious with a slight caramelly flavour and is low GI, has less fructose and full of vitamins. Great to ise in baking as well as it has more flavour than cane sugar in my opinion.

Biona Organic Coconut Palm Sugar - Fri 10th May 2013

Amazing, amazing, amazing! This is incredible in cakes and all sorts of baking, and gives a really nice caramel note to espresso and milky coffee. Excellent stuff.

Delicious! - Sat 12th Jan 2013

Absolutely delicious -- bit of a caramel flavour! It goes well in anything that needs sugar. Love the virtual guilt-free aspect :D Especially tasty when used to sweeten homemade applesauce.

- Sun 25th Nov 2012

Absolutely FANTASTIC product! This is my favourite sugar replacement by far-in fact I think it is better than sugar! Gentle notes of caramel add something very special to baking and I've had rave reviews from everyone. It doesn't hurt that it's nutritious and low GI. Such a versatile and fantastic product, I will order again and again.

- Wed 9th May 2012

I really like this. The taste is almost like butterscotch and you only need to use a small amount to get a sweet flavour in cooking.

- Tue 7th Feb 2012

This stuff is absolutely brilliant! To me this is the best of natural sweetener and what a relief it doesn't trigger off candida symptoms. I think any type of coconut product fights candida even though I prefer not indulging in sweet foods this is really excellent for transition diets.
The taste is amazing and the low melting point means this is a very versatile sugar with rich and complex flavours.

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