Biona Organic Agave Light Syrup 250ml

Biona Organic Agave Light Syrup 250ml

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This organic light syrup is a low-GI sweetener, squeezed from Mexican agave plants.

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More about Biona Organic Agave Light Syrup

Agave syrup is sweeter than honey although it is generally a little less runny, made from the same plant that is used to make tequila. It is ideal for sweetening drinks, pouring on cereal and adding to baking. As agave syrup has a low Glycaemic Index it is a great sweetener to choose in moderation if you are wanting to control your weight.

With its intense sweetness and mild flavour, Agave syrup is suitable for use in baking, desserts and drinks.


Agave syrup*
*=Certified Organic Ingredients.

Nutritional Information

per 100g:
Energy 1249kJ/298kcal, Protein 0g, Carbohydrate 77g, Fat 0g.

Other Information

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34a Clifton Road,

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Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Biona Organic Agave Light Syrup 250ml


- Tue 26th Jan 2016

A very versatile and useful addition to your store cupboard. I use mine daily on my breakfast oat bran. It has a really lovely flavour and is very sweet therefore only a very small amount is used. It can also be used in baking but care must be taken not to add too much to your recipes. One teaspoon is only 13 calls., very useful for slimming!

- Mon 14th Apr 2014

Great added to a cup of tea.

Sweet and tasty - Tue 15th Oct 2013

This is described as mild but I still find it rather sweet which is great and it tastes equally good in drinks whether hot or cold or on top of baked desserts.

Biona Organic Agave Light Syrup - Mon 29th Apr 2013

A great substitute for sugar. This doesn't have too much of a flavour of its own, so it's good for high-quality tea and coffee, where you want the sweetness, but still want to have the full flavour of the drink.

Tasty and not too strong - Sat 3rd Nov 2012

This is a delightful syrup - not too strong or sweet and yet not so mild that you feel the need to add more then you'd prefer. I use it in tea, coffee and on top of porridge. It melts perfectly and adds to the flavour in a way that makes the food taste 'fuller' but without being heavy or too noticeable. A lovely sugar alternative and made by one of my favourite healthy companies.

- Sun 22nd Jul 2012

Lovely sweet taste, a good sugar substitute which is lower GI. Be aware, that this is not a low calorie food though.

A good alternative - Thu 16th Feb 2012

I am trying to consume less sugars and I heard agave was a good option. It is delicious- a nice natural sweetener. I also want to try stevia -both are good options for smoothies and raw cooking.

- Mon 1st Aug 2011

This syrup has a very nice sweetness to it. Great added to porridge or smoothies.

Agave Syrup - Mon 31st Mar 2008

I was anxious to find a sugar substituted that was least harmful after scares about almost all those on wide sale and widely promoted. About half a teaspoonful or less of light syrup is fine for a cup of tea or coffee if you liked sweetener in these drinks and I have found agave syrup excellent for stewed fruit and smoothies.I would be glad to have some recipes for baking and cooking tips. Alas, the syrup is fairly expensive as far as I am concerned, so I am keeping it for myself! Maybe the cost would come down if the likes of Delia could be persuaded to recommend it.

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