Billingtons Unrefined Organic Golden Caster Sugar 500g

Billingtons Unrefined Organic Golden Caster Sugar 500g

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Light golden free-flowing unrefined sugar, made from organically-grown sugar cane. Suitable for baking.

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Unrefined sugars lock in the richness, depth of flavour and natural colour by keeping the natural molasses of the sugar cane, rather than removing it and then coating the the sugar in molasses as in refiuned sugar. This is carried out in the country of origin to keep it's higher level of  quality.

Used in baking, this minimal processing will make your cakes a golden colour with a faint caramel flavour.


Just sugar and nothing else.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:
Energy 1683 kJ/396 kcal, Protein trace, Carbohydrate 99g, Fat 0g.

Other Information

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The Silver Spoon Company
Sugar Way, Peterborough

T: +44 (0)1733 422696

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Organic, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Billingtons Unrefined Organic Golden Caster Sugar 500g


Berry Cordial - Fri 18th Oct 2013

This is a good quality sugar and can be used to make delicious cordial from garden soft fruits.

We have made this using black and red currants and red gooseberries. You can make a mix of the fruit or have as single cordials depending on the amount of fruit you have available. This is a really easy way to preserve your soft summer fruit.

600 grams of fruit.

280 ml of water, filtered is best, if you do not have a water filter use spring water, makes the recipe a bit more expensive but is worth it to avoid the harsh chemicals in the tap water.

260 grams of sugar.

Sterilized bottles or jars, with lids,wash and place in the oven for 20 - 30 minutes until they are hot to the touch. Don't make the oven too hot as they may crack.

Orange zest or grated ginger can also be added to this recipe.

Wash the fruit and place in a large pot, no need to remove stems, but do remove any leaves. I like to remove the stems personally but it is not essential to the recipe.

Cook over a low heat for a few minutes, as they begin to produce liquid and soften, increase the heat and bring to the boil for one minute.

Crush the fruit using a potato masher or fork.

Remove from the heat and add the sugar. If adding orange zest and ginger, allow the mixture to sit for an hour covered in a large bowl.

Put the mixture back onto the stove and and cook on a medium heat until the sugar has dissolved.

Strain the mixture using a sieve and put the liquid back into a cleaned pot, discarding the solids.

Bring back to the boil for 1 minute.

Pour the mixture into a pyrex jug and then pour into bottles or jars and seal.

This cordial keeps very well, but doesn't last long in our house. Can be mixed with water to the desired taste, really nice when mixed with sparkling spring water.

Try different soft fruits, you can half the ingredients if you do not have enough fruit, it really is delicious and so much nicer than the shop bought cordials.


- Tue 7th Apr 2015

Great when used to make vegan scones.

Billingtons - Sun 2nd Mar 2014

Billington's Golden Caster sugar has a superior flavour and adds a wonderful richness coffee and the fact that it is organic is a real bonus

- Fri 18th Oct 2013

This is a great sugar and organic as a bonus, it can be used for baking, preserving or just sprinkling.

Yummy and Light - Tue 24th Sep 2013

This has a lighter taste than the muscovado, molasses and demerara and so good for those who don't have a strong sweet tooth. It also has a beautiful colour which is very attractive and looks great as a topping on desserts.

- Mon 2nd Sep 2013

Brilliant product, use it in everything no horrible sugar rush and my six year old does not go crazy after eating it.

Great - Wed 13th Jun 2012

Organic CASTER sugar is trickier to obtain than granulated so it's good to see this available here at such a good price.

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