Barleycup Powder 200g

Barleycup Powder 200g

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Instant cereal drink

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More about Barleycup Powder

Naturally refreshing caffeine free instant cereal drink. It is fat free & high in fibre.

Serving Suggestion

Put one teaspoonful of Barleycup into a cup and add boiling water. Add milk, sugar or honey to taste. Can also be served cold.


Soluble solids of roasted barley 48%, rye and chicory.

Nutritional Information

per 100g:
Energy 1384kJ/326kcal, Protein 4.2g, Carbohydrate 76.8g, of which sugars 13.1g, Fat trace, Fibre 12.6g, Sodium 60mg.

Other Information

Manufacturer's Address

GRANA sp. z o.o. ul.

Piłsudskiego 1,

32-050 Skawina,


Manufacturers Web Site

Reduced Sugar, Caffeine Free, Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free, Yeast Free

Customer reviews - Barleycup Powder 200g


Best coffee substitute - Sat 7th Nov 2015

I am sensitive to caffeine, and had to take steps to reduce my intake. I have found Barley Cup to be the best tasting alternative on the market. It's a nice beverage in its own right, even if you are fine with caffeine. I'd recommend it for a bedtime drink for anyone who suffers from insomnia. I use it with soya milk nowadays and am pleased to report I have not found it to curdle in Barley Cup, which it often does with coffee, even de-caff.

Excellent Barley cup - Mon 21st Sep 2015

Have used Barley Cup for many years. As I Crohn's disease this helps lessen 'coffee irritation'. Tastes lovely, made up as coffee. I take it everywhere in a little Tupperware jar. Can highly recommend its use. Sometimes difficult to get hold of, so now use 'Goodness' and get home delivery.

Great - Sun 26th Apr 2015

Blends faster than the granules and still tastes rich and warm, it is a somewhat acquired taste but healthier alternative to coffee but this one does taste more coffee like than other brands.

Soothing Barleycup - Sun 9th Feb 2014

Barleycup is a drink I've been having for years now. It's perfect for a soothing warm drink in the evening. It has a pleasingly 'roasty' aroma which makes it a good alternative to coffee, especially if you don't want the stimulating effects of caffeine on your nerves. The only reason I dock one star is that the granules (also stocked by Goodness Direct) are less inclined to clump than the powder if kept in the cupboard for a while.

Like It - Tue 1st Oct 2013

Good alternative of caffeine drinks..I like it

Use in drinks AND foods! - Wed 19th Jun 2013

Doesn't have the strength of normal coffee but shares the roasted flavour with it. Why not try mixing it into hot foods like soups or pastas instead of making drinks from it? It adds a beautifully roasted barley flavour to any meal.

- Tue 12th Mar 2013

I love this creamy drink prepared with hot water and warmed soya milk, sprinkled with cinnamon or chai spices. The taste is not too strong and the larger jar is very good value. Very comforting.

Yumminess - Thu 29th Nov 2012

Such a wonderful alternative to any caffeine drink. We enjoy a yummy late night drink (goes VERY well with one of my raw homemade cacao truffles!) and Barleycup hits the spot! Have tried both the powder and the granules, and prefer the powder (it seems very slightly stronger). Enjoy!

Excellent value - Thu 29th Nov 2012

I make up daily snack boxes for the family, and they all adore brazil nuts. These are an economical buy, and make a great tasty treat!

Wake up and smell the coffee... - Wed 15th Feb 2012

I can't stand the smell but my husband loves this as a coffee alternative (he drinks it espresso), especially late at night

- Tue 7th Jun 2011

A delightful drink. Can be a little bland so, instead of ordinary milk I used it with Evaporated milk (& honey of course,) makes it much more tasty. A good bedtime drink, with no tendency to induce insomnia, unlike some. Not a substitute for coffee or tea, (there is none), but a very pleasant drink in moderation with no known side effects.

Smooth - Tue 19th Apr 2011

I have tried a few different coffee alternatives and this one tastes more like coffee than the others (you probably wouldn't mistake it for coffee, mind you). It is mild and smooth with a faintly smokey finish.

Nice taste - Thu 24th Mar 2011

A nice alternative to coffee, it doesn't taste anything like coffee, has a fairly mild, inoffensive taste.

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