Alara Luxury Gluten-free Muesli 500g

Alara Luxury Gluten-free Muesli 500g

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Alara, organic, luxury gluten free muesli

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More about Alara Luxury Gluten-free Muesli

Created from a delicious blend of soya, millet and rice flakes and with 45% dried fruit and nuts, this luxury muesli is rich in many essential micro-nutrients like magnesium, selenium, folate, vit. B1 and vit. K. It also contains over 5g of soya protein in each 70g serving and is free from added sugar, salt or fat. The inclusion of at least 25g soya protein per day as part of a diet low in saturated fat can help reduce blood cholesterol.

Serving Suggestion

Delicious on it's own or serve with fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, yoghurt or honey. The fruit tends to settle at the top so please shake gently before opening to distribute them evenly


Rice flakes 29%, soya flakes 21%, flame raisins 19.5%, sultanas10.5%, millet flakes 6%, chopped dates 4%, broken brazil nuts 4%, dried chopped apricots (preservative: sulphur dioxide) 4%, roasted hazelnuts 2%.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:
Energy 1657kJ/393kcal, Protein 12.6g, Carbohydrate 65.7g (of which sugars 25.6g), Fat 9.5g (saturated 1.6g, monounsaturated 3.2g, polyunsaturated 3.8g), Fibre 5.8, Sodium 0.01g

Other Information

Manufacturers Address:

Alara Wholefoods Ltd.
110-112 Camley Str.

Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Alara Luxury Gluten-free Muesli 500g


- Sat 22nd Oct 2016

Accurately described as luxury, no doubt, this is a quality product. It has no added sugar yet I find it too sweet for my palate. For me, it could contain less fruit and more of the other ingredients. It is pleasant tasting, wholesome, and fulfilling. Unfortunately, for the amount that I eat, the 500g box is only sufficient for 3 breakfast servings.

Yummy - Sun 28th Aug 2016

I had recently discovered that I was gluten intolerant, so I needed to find a good muesli to replace my old one. This one is lovely! I soak it overnight in vanilla rice or almond milk, then add fresh fruit and nuts in the morning. Loses a point though as even though I like raisins, there were far too many that I had to pick some out! I'm not too pleased about the sulphur dioxide in the ingredients as it's something I generally avoid (didn't realise when I bought this). Also I think that there should be a few more nuts in it too. But either way, this is a delicious muesli and I would probably buy it again, despite the minor faults.

- Thu 10th Sep 2015

The only negative for me is the presence of a preservative called 'sulphur dioxide' (for one of the dried fruits), but as long as it's in small amounts it's not too bad. The maturity of the ingredients are great though.

Lovely - Fri 24th Apr 2015

Another one that's more like regular muesli than the others this brand offers but it's still abit different and not hard to digest like some, plus I like that they're not sweetened with sugar (usually refined White in most mainstream brands).

Alright - Fri 13th Feb 2015

It's alright as gluten free muesli goes but not fantastic. Contains a lot of millet flakes, which remind me of toenail clippings but if you like them it's probably great. Nice amount of fruit.

- Sat 3rd Jan 2015

A lovely combination of tasty ingredients and perfect for people like me who have a wheat allergy.

Nice and light - Mon 10th Feb 2014

I prefer this to a lot of other muesli because it uses flakes which are softer and fluffier. Tasty and sweet too.

- Thu 28th Nov 2013

Another good one from Alara, I just added this to my favourites list, this is cheaper than I've been paying at the health food shop, thanks Goodness Direct.

Not my bowl of muesli - Tue 30th Aug 2011

Too many raisins and not enough muesli

Alara Luxury Gluten Free Muesli 500g - Thu 12th May 2011

I am writing to let you know that I have been enjoying Alara Luxury Gluten-free Muesli for quite a few years now, since I was diagnosed being coeliac. I used to buy it from Tesco's near where I lived but they stopped selling it. It is Cheaper from GoodnessDirect so I surpose Tesco's did me a favour taking it off their shelves. I was really glad to find GoodnessDirect sold it because it is a good product. It is full of nuts, raisins, Millet Flakes, Chopped Dates, Rice Flower and other good things. It is really filling and healthy. I can only recommend that you try this product, I'm sure you will like it.

Jean Smith


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