Amisa Organic Buckwheat Crispbread

Amisa Organic Buckwheat Crispbread

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Organic, gluten free, crispbread made with buckwheat

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More about Amisa Organic Buckwheat Crispbread

A light, crispy, gluten free, yeast free and low fat crispbread. These are delicious with your favourite savoury or sweet toppings - for breakfast, lunch or as a healthy snack. For convenience and optimum freshness, our organic crispbreads come to you in individual snack packs.


Wholemeal buckwheat flour: 98.5%, sea salt: 1.5%

Nutritional Information

Typical values Per 100g: Energy 1443kJ/340kcal, Protein 10.8g, Carbohydrate 68.2g, Fat 2.7g.


May contain traces of nuts, soya and sesame.

Other Information

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Amisa 34a
Clifton Rd

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Gluten Free, Organic, Vegetarian, Wheat Free, Yeast Free

Customer reviews - Amisa Organic Buckwheat Crispbread


crispy - Wed 30th Nov 2016

Delicious with soup, or as part of a salad. A little plain on their own, but great as a snack!!

store cupboard essential - Sat 30th Jan 2016

These are delicious little crackers. I like that they come wrapped as six packs of five, so once you've opened the box you don't have to eat them all at once. I like them with peanut butter or spready cheese. Yum!

So much better than rice and corn! - Tue 27th Oct 2015

As a gluten free option this is healthier and tastier than any other options!

Very Tasty - Thu 3rd Sep 2015

Love these crunchy little crispbreads. The buckwheat adds a lovely flavour.

- Sat 11th Jul 2015

These taste delicious and are a good choice if you want a healthy cracker. The only downside is they sort of stick to your tongue a little!

Buckwheat Crispbread - Wed 24th Jun 2015

Tasty little crackers, can be eaten with sweet or savoury toppings. very crispy. a perfect size individual pack for lunch-boxes. Each pack contains individually wrapped packs inside.I am following the low fodmap diet alongside avoiding dairy and wheat. These little crackers keep me happy.

Good snacks - Fri 8th May 2015

Very simple and tastes well. Whenever I want something different, I'd go for buckwheat.

- Sat 11th Apr 2015

These are nice, but not to my taste. Give them a go...

Tastier than expected! - Wed 25th Jun 2014

I was expecting these to be a bit bland but they are really quite tasty and filling. They have a hearty crunch and texture and go really well with the usual crispbread toppings my favourite being olives and sundried tomatoes!

- Sat 1st Mar 2014

A great healthy snack. I love to eat them just on their own.

Excellent snack - Mon 10th Feb 2014

Very healthy snack, tasty and hearty feeling and taste fabulous with humous!

- Tue 12th Nov 2013

Very tasty and, as they are packed in snack packs, they keep crisp.

- Mon 14th Oct 2013

To be honest I'm surprised at everyone else's reviews of this product. I think it was the texture that I wasn't expecting and I dislike. I think it's good the way they are packaged in order to keep them crisp but I think there are nicer alternatives.

Too Salty - Tue 17th Sep 2013

Unfortunately they are very salty (0.5g sodium = 1.25g salt per 100g), which compromises the lovely buckwheat taste and makes me thirsty.

- Thu 13th Jun 2013

In my opinion the best gluten free crackers around. And they are wrapped in hand snack size portions for freshness

Tasty snacks - Sat 19th Jan 2013

These are surprisingly filling! Beautiful with avocado slices on them. Really nice crispy texture.

- Sat 19th Jan 2013

These are pretty tasty for a gluten free crispbread, although do taste a bit salty. I smother mine in dairy free margarine and have tuna and beetroot slices on top. Yes you can snack on them. Im trying to put on weight so wish they had more calories.

Buckwheat Crispbread - Tue 8th Jan 2013

These are undoubtedly the best gluten/sugar/additive free crackers that I have tried. There are six packs of five to the box so the unused ones will remain crisp. They are very satisfying too, five were more than enough for me.

- Wed 14th Nov 2012

These are delicious! Make a great change from rice cakes!

- Wed 19th Sep 2012

These crackers are great for on the go as they come in seperate packs so I make sure I always have some in my bag just in case. They are the perfect carrier for dips although I often have scrambled eggs on them in the morning.

- Tue 28th Aug 2012

Have a gluten intolerance and not good with rice either so these were a very pleasant surprise. Not a strong taste like the 'buckwheat flour scones'. I put tuna on mine but could have any spread on top. Only downside is they are expensive when they are eaten on a regular basis.

- Wed 4th Jul 2012

These crackers are great. I'm on a really limited diet and buckwheat is one of the few grains (I think it's a grain?) that I can eat and I desperately needed something to dip into all the fresh vegetable dips I've been making. These are good crunchy, nutty, lightly salted substitutes for salty nacho type snacks. I've only just opened my delivery and already eaten a few of the crackers plain. I can't wait to try them with anchovies or guacamole and other homemade dips, and will definitely be buying some more of these.

- Thu 3rd May 2012

Addicted to these has a nicy crispy taste, great with hummus.

- Fri 6th Apr 2012

This makes a light and tasty change to our usual oatcakes. My son loves them with a range of toppings. They are in little packs so it keeps them fresh, as you only open the amount you need. I would like a bigger box as we go through this size quickly. The price could be a little lower too, since at the moment they are treated like a 'treat' type food.

- Fri 23rd Mar 2012

This is a very nutritional crispbread which makes a good change to those most commonly found. The crispbreads have a good taste and almost melt in the mouth. They appear to be very gentle on the stomach and so I would also recommend them for people who have sensitive stomachs, nausea and/or poor appetite.

- Mon 5th Dec 2011

Great for a small snack with dips or maybe some goats cheese. They come in individual wrapped portions for freshness, so very handy to take anywhere

- Thu 15th Sep 2011

Pure buckwheat, which is great, but unfortunately they are very salty, which compromises the lovely taste in the end.

- Fri 1st Jul 2011

These are surprisingly nice, and an excellent alternative for people wanting to avoid gluten grains. I'd buy these again.

The benefits of Buckwheat - Fri 11th Feb 2011

I found these Buckwheat crackers to be flavoursome and moorish, a delicious snack with almond butter, and full of essential nutrients. I'll definitely be buying more!

Yum! - Wed 9th Feb 2011

Very tasty and the individual packs inside the box make it really handy. The crispbreads are quite small compared to traditional wheat crispbreads but I quite like that. Great with stuff on top and also good with soup when you want something to nibble on and can't have bread or croutons. Because they're buckwheat they taste lovely and earthy and they're kind to your gut too.

My baby loves them - Tue 11th Jan 2011

These crispbreads are great - so handy in the small packs. I think they're quite tasty and am happy eating them plain straight from the pack or with houmous. My baby loves them - it was the first 'finger food' I ever gave him. I feel particularly happy giving them to my children as buckwheat has good quality protein in it. Much nicer than corn based crispbreads in my opinion!

Best diet-friendly snack ever - Tue 25th May 2010

I love this product! I am following Dr. Joshi's diet, and Amisa crispbread is a godsend when I feel like reaching for the biscuit tin. You know, when you get hungry between meals and you crave junky snacks? Thanks to Amisa, I now can avoid binging on crisps between meals and instead eat healthy. The wafer-thin buckwheat crackers come in packs of 5, and you have got 6 packs in a box, for 1.79. I eat one pack a day, so it is perfect (in case you wonder, I juice-fast once a week, so do not need Amisa that day!). The crackers are a little bland, which makes them perfect with a dip. The perfect dip for these crackers is a feta-cheese with cherry tomatoes and olive oil (or kalamata olives). Other good options are spicy hummus, any healthy pate and Biona Olive pate.

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