Impulse Foods Organic Frozen Plain Tempeh 227g

Impulse Foods Organic Frozen Plain Tempeh 227g

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Tempeh is a delicious cultured product made from soya

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Cooking Instructions

Tempeh can be fried, steamed or baked. It has a delicious savoury flavour.


Organic soya beans, Rhizopus oligosporus culture

Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100g:
Energy: 664kJ/150kcal, Protein:10.9g, Carbohydrate: 9.9g, Fat: 7.5g

Other Information

The idea mainstay of a non-meat diet. Organic Tempeh (pronounced Tem-pay) is made by incubating cooked soya beans with the Rhizopus Oligosporus culture. This culturing process breaks down the beans making them easier to digest. A traditional Indonesian food which contains amino acids essential for good health, it is also rich in protein and a has a valuable source of of B vitamins, calcium and iron.


Curried Tempeh Mango Salad Pitta
Best made a few hours in advance or the night before. Fridge storage really improves this delicious mix.


1 (8 oz) package of Tempeh
1 Tbsp soya sauce
1 mango, peeled & chopped into 1/4 inch chunks
A hand full of spring onions, chopped finely

For the Dressing:

3 Tbsp vegan mayonnaise
2 Tsp curry powder
Juice of 2 limes
2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 Tsp tabasco or a little less hot pepper sauce or similar
pinch salt

This mix can be eaten with pasta, eaten on toast, eaten in a pits or with salad. It really is versatile and can be adapted for vegans and coeliacs alike.
For example serve with:
2 large pittas, cut in half to make 2 pockets apiece
thinly sliced red onion
extra mango slices
Tear the tempeh into bite-size pieces and place in small saucepan. Cover with water and add the soya sauce. Cover the pot and bring to a boil, then simmer for 15 mins. Drain & transfer the tempeh to bowl to cool.
Meanwhile, whisk together all the ingredients for the dressing.
Add the mangoes & spring onions to the tempeh. Add the dressing and mix well. Cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour (overnight is best. Adjust the seasonings to taste. Serve in pitta with lettuce, red onion, and extra mango slices.

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free

Customer reviews - Impulse Foods Organic Frozen Plain Tempeh 227g


Quick Tempeh casserole - Mon 2nd May 2011

Defrost tempeh and cut into cubes.
Slice an onion and sauté in a tablespoon of oil until tranparent.
Add the tempeh and some thyme, or herbes de Provence.
Cover and sauté for a few minutes.
Add a cup of warm green tea, preferably with the leaves (choose good quality green tea and it will not turn bitter). This will be the base for the stock/gravy. Add a pinch of salt, or tamari soy sauce if you prefer.
It is possible to make a gravy by diluting one teaspoon of arrowroot powder or kuzu starch into a bit of cold water, and then pouring it into the casserole. Stir, cover and let it simmer for a few more minutes. It is now ready to serve!
Delicious with roasted parsnip, roasted turnip and greens, and very quick to make.


- Tue 8th Nov 2016

Best tempeh I have tried. Loved it

- Fri 19th Aug 2016

A nice alternative to tofu. I just use it in the same way for a different texture

Fantastic! - Sat 30th Apr 2016

I love this pack size & the fact it's so handy to keep in your freezer for when needed.

Really lovely tempeh. So many ways to prepare & serve this. I always like to simmer or steam it briefly first as it mellows the flavour. After that you can do whatever you like with it. It absorbs flavour so well that marinading is great. Fry strips with a little coconut oil for a tasty bacon alternative.
I highly recommend this.

- Mon 25th Apr 2016

I stopped buying this as I was finding the taste a bit bitter. However tried it again, and marinaded it, and have to say I now love it. So it's probably about how you use it. Would be nice if it didn't come double wrapped. Good texture.

Good in quality - Fri 22nd Apr 2016

It's well packed and delicious.

Good - Fri 22nd Apr 2016

It's well pack and delicious.

- Wed 10th Feb 2016

Not much of a tofu eater but quite liked it. Not sure if I will buy again though as was a bit disappointed that it came in one frozen lump. Wouldn't cook the whole thing at once.

Hard to find tempeh! - Thu 7th Jan 2016

So happy to find tempeh as it is hard to come across where I live!

Organic Frozen Plain Tempeh - Mon 21st Dec 2015

I personally can't stand the taste unless it's really charred black. This is the only tempeh I've ever tried, so I dunno if it's tempeh in general or just this brand. It's an acquired taste for sure, so recommended to buy one pack to experiment with rather than buying numerous packs like I did and not eating them.

Curious - Tue 8th Dec 2015

I read an article about the benefits of tempeh and was curious enough to try it. I fried it in soy sauce and expected to love it as I do tofu. Instead I found the strange almost nutty texture a curiosity and was unsure what to make of it. Perhaps I did not cook it in a way that would bring out its greatest characteristics. One to grow accustomed to I think.

- Mon 18th May 2015

I read up on Tempeh before purchasing it and looked for many recipes to use it in. I finally plucked up the courage to use it and it was too different for me to carry on using it. I may purchase it again soon as taste buds information change over time.

- Fri 15th May 2015

Got this only because the tempeh 'bacon' rashers were out of stock on our last two orders! It's a large, solid block and doesn't work as well as the rashers for a vegan breakfast and is just plain so doesn't have the same flavour of course. Lots of seasoning would be required. For tempeh will stick to the rashers, or use tofu.

Tofu-killer - Wed 22nd Oct 2014

I tried this as my first tempeh ever, I was recently motivated to move away from highly processed tofu to minimally processed and fermented tempeh. I was worried about the flavor and texture but have been delighted by both being pleasant and palatable.

I have always followed the instructions found both on the packaging and online to steam the tempeh before cooking it. After the steaming, I have -

# Sauteed with onions and garlic
# Roasted after tossing in oil and spices
# Chopped into blocks and used within a vegetable medley as a protein sauce
# Chopped into slices and used as both a pizza topping and sandwich filling

So far, no disappointment!

In contrast to some other reviewers I find:

# Even if not cooked with other flavor-imparting foods there is a definite taste which is savory and mildly nutty and vaguely similar to sesame
# The tempeh holds it's form well whilst being cut into pieces, with zero or minimal crumbling
# Since the tempeh is double-bagged, reserving some for later consumption is very simple via the return some of the tempeh to one or both of the bags and storage in a freezer, alternatively, buy any freezer bags or storage

Good source of protein - Wed 30th Jul 2014

I'm not a huge fan of tofu but this tempeh is absolutely wonderful! It's flavoursome on its own so I don't have to add any herbs or spices to it - I simply fry it in coconut oil for a couple of minutes on each side and it's done! It's a great source of protein too.

Different - Fri 21st Feb 2014

Great alternative to tofu.

Tastes ok - Thu 30th Jan 2014

Ok tasting, but it comes in one large block so it is difficult to just use a bit at a time as it breaks into small pieces.

- Sun 1st Dec 2013

I had not tried Tempeh before and think it must be an acquired taste. It is tasteless but has a strange texture and smell. The texture was like a meat substitute or soya mince, which I would never buy. Tried stir frying and in a curry; both looked good but neither went down too well.

MMMmmmm - Mon 11th Nov 2013

Makes wonderful veggie sausages, burgers and stuffings. Also great just seasoned and fried or roasted. An excellent meat alternative. A superfood too, so tuck in!

Heart Friendly - Mon 11th Nov 2013

The soya found in tempeh is a well known aid in the excretion of cholesterol via the liver. Aim to consume around 25g soya protein daily.

Packaging - Thu 5th Sep 2013

I liked this product as I have never had anything like this tempeh before. It would have been better for me if there were two smaller blocks so that I could take them out of the freezer separately. I was only using a quarter of the block at a time so had to eat this for four consecutive days.

- Mon 12th Aug 2013

Interesting, but wouldn't buy it again, too weird.

- Tue 16th Apr 2013

This is a really great quality tempeh and makes very good veggie burgers!

Very nice! - Thu 27th Sep 2012

This is nice tempeh, good quality and nice texture. It's best to let it defrost first rather than just cooking from the freezer, and it makes a nice change from tofu.

- Mon 11th Jul 2011

Great quality product. Arrived promptly and well packaged. Great roasted or in burgers.

- Mon 25th Apr 2011

The best tempeh I've ever managed to find!
Highly recommended, and so versatile -it can be eaten in any way, with anything!

Outstanding - Sat 23rd Apr 2011

I was very pleasantly surprised by the super high quality of this tempeh. It made me feel like I had never really eaten tempeh before!!

The taste is superior to any tempeh I have used so far, and the texture is just so lovely!

Highly recommended.

- Sun 13th Jun 2010

Very tasty and high-quality tempeh. I use it when I want a change from tofu, so it's great for stir-frys, warm salads & vegetable hotpots.


- Fri 26th Apr 2013

I tried this for the first time so I can't compare with other brands etc, but I really liked it and the health benefits are great too! I pulsed it in the food processor then cooked along with chopped onion, pepper, a tin of tomatoes and seasonings to make something similar to a bolognaise which was great on grilled portobellos!

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