Fry's Veg Express Country Mushroom Pie (2 x 175g)

Fry's Veg Express Country Mushroom Pie (2 x 175g)

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2 country mushroom and meat free chicken-style pies.

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More about Fry's Veg Express Country Mushroom Pie (2 x 175g)

A delicious meat free chicken-style and mushroom pie made with creamy non-dairy sauce encased in a crisp, golden pastry.

All Fry's food is made using the finest quality ingredients in a dedicated meat-free factory and carry endorsements from the highest authorities of vegetarianism in the world.

Cooking Instructions

Cook from frozen. Do not microwave.
Cook in oven
Preheat oven to 180°C/360°F/Gas Mark 6. Remove from packaging. Place on an oven tray. Place in oven and bake for 20 minutes until browned. Do not overcook, as this will spoil the texture.
(Ovens vary, these instructions are guides only).


Pastry 57%: Wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, emulsifier (mono and di-glycerides of fatty acids).
Filling 43%: Vegetable protein (soya), wheat protein, starch, mushrooms, vegetable oil, salt, onion, spices, natural flavouring, garlic, celery.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:
Energy 981kJ/234kcal, Protein 5.8g, Glycaemic Carbohydrate 26g, of which total sugar 4.1g, Total Fat 11.9g, of which saturated 6g, mono unsaturated 3.8g, poly unsaturated 2g, Dietary Fibre 1.4g, Sodium 448mg/0.45g.


Allergy Information:
Contains wheat, gluten, soya and celery.

Other Information

Contains no added preservatives or artificial colours.
A non GM product.

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Dairy Free, Egg Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Fry's Veg Express Country Mushroom Pie (2 x 175g)


- Sat 23rd Apr 2016

Decent sized pies, quite yummy & filling. Chicken pieces weren't the biggest & mostly mushroom-tasting but good nonetheless.

Must Defrost Before Cooking - Thu 18th Feb 2016

I was surprised to find that these pies must be defrosted prior to cooking, it really slowed things download looking for a quick meal during the week!

Absolutely Delicious - Thu 25th Jun 2015

My husband and I are fast learning that nay food we buy from the Fry's brand will be delicious and these pies were no exception. The fillings are delicious - we also really enjoyed the pepper steak style pies. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Its hard to believe that they're vegan!

vegan - Mon 18th May 2015

Love these pies, crispy pastry, good amount of filling, had to check the ingredients again to make sure it was vegan will purchase them again.

A Heart Pie - Wed 29th Apr 2015

These are great - especially on a cold, wintery day or as part of an alternative Sunday roast. Very easy to cook - you just pop them in the oven for around 40-45 mins. The pastry is nice and light and the filling is very tasty, consisting of mushrooms, chicken style pieces and a white sauce. My boyfriend suggested he would like more filling and less pastry, but personally I think the ratio is good and I know I can't get enough pastry!

- Tue 24th Sep 2013

I don't like meat pies so these are a great find. They're very tasty and prefer eating them dry without anything more (easy hand food), but you could of course drizzle many delicious sauces over or dollop ketchup on.

Love it! - Sun 30th Jun 2013

These are so tasty, I love that they have enough filling too unlike many other pies I've tried - both the filling is tasty and saucy and the crust is just gorgeous! I love the crust - it may not be very healthy but it's great to have once in a while with steak cut chips!

Delicious - Tue 18th Jun 2013

Great flavour, goes great with mashed potato and beans, a delicious and satisfying Vegan meal.

Fry - Tue 21st May 2013

Brilliant, great pastry and a delicious filling, tastes great with mashed potatoes and baked beans, a very satisfying and tasty Vegan meal.

Seriously tasty comfort food! - Thu 14th Feb 2013

These are my new favourite ready made pies, the pastry is delicious, moist and thick with a semi-flaky top and is really a delight to chew. The filling is also very tasty and there's enough to fill the pies! I used to love another brand known for their vegetarian options but over the years their signature pie got more and more salty and with less and less filling so this is a fortunate alternative I've found. I particularly like these with brussels sprouts and parsnip - and if the stomach can manage it, some thick cut chips!

Yummy scrummy - Tue 23rd Oct 2012

I liked these pies a lot.

I wouldn't describe the sauce as 'creamy' but I still liked it and for me the filling to pastry ratio was just right. The pastry was crisp and browned nicely but wasn't dry.

Linda McCartney also does some yummy pies (but be careful if you're vegan as not all of her pies are vegan).

- Sun 7th Oct 2012

These pies are delicious & make a lovely change, but are quite expensive for 2 pies.

- Sun 2nd Sep 2012

I felt sure I was onto a winner with these! I've been desperate for a vegan creamy sauce pie to pop in the oven and I love all other Fry's stuff.
I'd also read the positive reviews - which I think it made it even more disappointing when I tried it.. and found it just horrid!
The filling was sludge like, and meagre- the pie needed more filling and more substance to the filling to balance out the revolting sauce, which I just found to be inedible.
I'd been hoping for actual chunks of mushroom and chicken style pieces but there was none there! Whilst pasty had a nice crisp, it wasn't a patch on the jusrol from the supermarket- which is vegan too.
I think I'll be making my own pies from now on - and waiting in hope for the dairy free Amy's Vegetable Pot Pie to arrive in the UK.
Maybe worth a try though - as other people seem to like them.

Very good - Tue 29th May 2012

As the previous reviewer states, these pies are very different from the usual vegetarian or vegan style. They seem to have the old fashioned 'liquor' taste of pies that would be suited for 'pie and mash'. That offers plenty of flavour and further appeal to the shallow shape (rather than the deep pies of, for instance, Quorn varieties). In my opinion, these are certainly worth trying.

love these pies - Wed 18th Jan 2012

Breakthrough! These are wonderful pies! Over the moon with them, I am a vegan (which these pies are) they taste exactly the same as a non even vegetarian chicken and mushroom pie from a chip shop! Without the cruelty! I love them and will definitely be ordering many times again! The only criticism I have is there could be alittle more filling in them though still love them!

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