Fry's Cocktail Vegetarian Sausage Rolls 12 pack 450g

Fry's Cocktail Vegetarian Sausage Rolls 12 pack 450g

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Absolutely delicious! Crisp puff pastry encasing a delicious Fry’s Vegetarian Sausage with wholegrain mustard. A great addition to any party or picnic!

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More about Fry's Cocktail Vegetarian Sausage Rolls 12 pack

Serving Suggestion

Comes in 4 whole sausage rolls that need cutting into thirds to create the 12 small sausage rolls.

Cooking Instructions

Preheat oven to 200°C
Place sausage rolls on a greased baking tray
Bake for 40 mins, turning halfway through or until sausage rolls have turned golden brown.
Ovens vary this is a guide only

Not suitable for microwave cooking


Puff pastry 50%: (wheat flour, white margarine, (Vegetable fats with palm coconut) salt, water). Salt, Emulsifier (Mono and diglycerides of fatty acids Soya lecithin, antioxidant E32) Salt, Water
Fry’s Braai Sausage 46% (Textured vegetable protein (20%)(Containssoyaandwheat)Sunflower oil, wheat flour, starch, Flavourings, spices, sea salt, seaweed extract, herbs, colour: caramel). Wholegrain Mustard:(mustard powder, mustard seeds, salt, sugar, citric acid, vinegar.

Nutritional Information

per 100g
Energy 1148kJ/275kcal, Protein 11.10g, Carbohydrates 19.2g of which sugars 2.9g, Fat 17.1g of which saturates 7.7g, Mono Unsaturated 5.5g, Poly Unsaturated 3.9g, Fibre 3.2g, Sodium 0.6g, cholesterol 0g.


Allergens – soya, wheat, gluten, garlic, mustard.
May contain traces of nuts.

Other Information

Contains no artificial colours & preservatives.
Contains no onion or garlic.
A non GM product. - All ingredients used are free from generic tampering and comply with strict European GMO controls (less than 1%)

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Egg Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Fry's Cocktail Vegetarian Sausage Rolls 12 pack 450g


Great For Buffets - Tue 17th May 2016

These are brilliant sausage rolls and are excellent for serving at family events. No one believed they were vegetarian and they were the first item to disappear from the buffet.

Awesome Rolls - Wed 29th Apr 2015

These are my favourite vegan sausage rolls. The 'sausage' is a great texture and the ratio to the pastry is just right. Also, there's not too much onion in the mix - which is great, as me and onions don't agree! There's a little smear of wholegrain mustard inside the pastry, but I tend to dip them in a bit more mustard for a punchier flavour. Also, when cooking its best to cook lower and longer, so that the pastry is cooked all the way through. I also turn them on three sides so that the bottoms don't get too brown. All in all, these are great and I have been known on occasion to eat 2 or 3 of these in one go, but they are very tasty!

- Wed 26th Feb 2014


- Thu 20th Feb 2014

Try serving with mashed potato and baked beans, yummy.

- Tue 18th Feb 2014

Absolutely delicious, brought these as I couldn't get hold of any Linda McCartney ones and I'm so glad I did, I actually prefer these although I couldn't taste the mustard which was fine by me as I'm not particularly keen on mustard. 10 stars.

- Wed 12th Feb 2014

Brought these as could no longer find the Linda McCartney Vegan sausage rolls, look yummy can't wait to try.

- Tue 3rd Dec 2013

What a let down, they looked nice on the box, we decided to give Fry's another chance. They puffed up perfectly but the sausage let them down. We won't be buying them again.

Nice texture good pastry - Mon 25th Nov 2013

These have a lovely puff pastry and a nice meaty texture to them, the drawback is that I find them a little bit over seasoned.

Yummy sausage rolls - Tue 23rd Oct 2012

Surprised by the other reviews. I liked these a lot. They are just like any other sausage roll in my opinion. I didn't notice any strong mustard flavour - didn't even realise they had mustard in them! Nice crispy pastry with moist 'meat' inside.

If you don't like sauagse rolls (which I didn't when I was younger) then you won't like these. And seemingly from the other reviews, if you dislike the taste of mustard don't get them.

Disappointing flavour - Wed 19th Sep 2012

As a fan of Fry's I had high hopes for these, and the pastry worked really well and puffed up nicely. Unfortunately the sausage filling had a weirdly overpowering mustardy flavour and after eating one I had to throw the rest out. I was disappointed as so many of the sausages and burgers made by Fry's have the flavour spot on.

- Fri 30th Mar 2012

We really didn't like this product. It was horrid. Unsure whether it's because we've never eaten red meat before. Even the smell was off-putting. Not one of Fry's best, in our opinion.

- Fri 30th Mar 2012

These taste horrid! I couldn't eat more than 1 cocktail sausage. We've never really eaten red meat so unsure whether this has something to do with it? Won't buy again.

Not bad - Tue 27th Mar 2012

I'm usually a great fan of Fry's products, but these didn't really make it to my 'must have' list. I found the mustard flavour a bit overpowering and this made the sausage rolls quite rich, so I couldn't eat more than one or two small pieces. They're worth a try, especially if you love mustard, but probably not what I'd look for in a party food. I like my sausage rolls a bit lighter.

Fantastic - Sat 22nd Oct 2011

I was incredibly impressed with these. I usually make my own with sos mix, or get the Linda M'Cartney ones, but the rai sausages and perfectly judged addition of grain mustard in the crispy pastry really makes these a cut above. Suitable for kids (although my little one left the mustardy bits) but I'd say these would come into their own as nibbles at a grown up do. I've just bought some Frys Braii sausages because I enjoyed them in the sausage rolls!

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