Goodness Pinenut Kernels 100g

Goodness Pinenut Kernels 100g

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Chinese Pinenuts. Large white kernels

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The delicate kernels of the Chinese pine cone. Not only delicious, but also low in carbohydrates and very high in protein (top of all nuts with almost 34% protein). (Rumour has it that they prevent nausea during pregnancy)! Only small quantities are needed, so don't be put off by the price.

Serving Suggestion

Used in many Mediterranean dishes, such as pesto. Excellent in stir fries, salad, stuffing and with rice dishes.


Just pine nuts and nothing else.


Packed on a line which also handles peanuts, nuts, sesame, soya, milk, sulphur dioxide and and cereals containing gluten.

Other Information

Manufactured in a factory which handles milk products.

Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Goodness Pinenut Kernels 100g


Spinach and Pinenut Stuffing - Sat 30th May 2015

This is lovely with chicken, turkey or guinea fowl. Soak 50 g sliced bread in 150 ml milk for 15 mins. Prepare and blanch 200 g fresh spinach and plunge in cold water for 1 minute. Drain and squeeze well to remove excess water. In a food processor, blend spinach, bread, 2 tbsp Cognac and some salt and pepper for 1 min. Add some pinenuts and mix in using the pulse button. Stuff bird and roast as usual.

Guacamole & Pinenut Salsa - Thu 12th Jul 2012

Mash a large ripe avocado with a chopped tomato, 2 chopped spring onions, a little chopped fresh chilli,a small handful of chopped coriander and some black pepper. Top with 1 tbsp toasted pinenuts and serve with crudites.


- Tue 21st Nov 2017

These pine nuts make a really satisfying snack - they have a lovely sweet, nutty flavour.

- Tue 21st Nov 2017

These pine nuts are really tasty - they make a really satisfying snack and are a great addition to flapjacks.

- Mon 1st Jun 2015

Best enjoyed toasted until golden brown, they're a lovely addition to everything from stuffings and salads, to mezze and lamb dishes.

- Mon 18th Nov 2013

Very good. Perfect to stir fry with other vegetable to add more flavour and colour to the dish.

- Wed 2nd Oct 2013

Good quality pinenuts, delicious toasted in salads or perfect for making pesto with.

- Fri 27th Sep 2013

Nice tasting nuts not rancid like some others from supermarkets

- Mon 8th Jul 2013

I use these in so much of my meals, great dry roasted and added to salad dressings, brilliant in stir frys, nice addition in sausage mix and as a topping in a savoury bake!

Try... - Fri 8th Jun 2012

Try spinach, lighly sauteed with garlic in olive oil and topped with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and some pine nuts.

- Mon 28th May 2012

Really excellent value and delicious product


- Mon 13th Jul 2015

Try a delicious summer salad bowl of couscous, roasted red onion and baby salad leaves. Dress with 1 tbsp olive oil and 2 tsp balsamic vinegar. Top with pine nuts and feta, season, stir and serve.

4 reasons to eat Pinenuts - Mon 28th Mar 2011

Pinoli or 'pignoli' nuts are bursting with benefits:
1. They curb your appetite
A hormone is released that signals to your brain that you're full. It also helps slow down the speed your stomach empties so you feel fuller longer.
2. They're nutritional powerhouses
A serving can provide you with 14g of protein. They're also an excellent source of fibre as well as vitamins E, K, and niacin. For minerals, they deliver magnesium and potassium - important for maintaining a healthy heart and blood pressure.
3. They're heart healthy
Pine nuts have the same heart healthy fats that make olive oil so beneficial. These fats reduce blood cholesterol levels and help protect the arteries.
4. They offer antioxidant protection
Pine nuts are high in antioxidants which help to protect the cells of your body from free radical damage.

Sprinkle them on your salad or add them in with vegetables and pasta dishes, and if you needed any other reason pine nuts are supposed to have been a sort of early Viagra!

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