Eat Goodness Organic Quinoa, 500g

Eat Goodness Organic Quinoa, 500g

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Organic Quinoa Grain.


Packed on a line which also handles peanuts, nuts, sesame, soya, milk, sulphur dioxide and cereals containing gluten.'


Quinoa Stir Fry:

Sweet peppers
One medium chilli pepper
Fresh tomatoes
Chopped celery
Sliced mushrooms
2-3 chopped fresh Basil leaves

- Heat up some good olive oil in a wok or pan.
- Add all of the above ingredients and the cooked quinoa
- Toss for 5-8 minutes and serve hot.

Organic, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Eat Goodness Organic Quinoa, 500g


Organic quinoa - Wed 30th Dec 2015

Because it is bitter I purposely do not rinse it too much or throw away the boiling water. There are so few food that is bitter taste and we do need it in our diet especially for the function of the liver and to have a complete balanced taste in our daily diet. You can disguise it by cooking it with other grains, eg rice or add to cooked couscous, buckwheat or bulgar.

- Mon 24th Nov 2014

Quinoa is a super food. Everybody should have this at home! Could be quite expensive comparing to rice or pasta but it's nutrition is super!

Taste great - Sun 15th Jun 2014

I cook quinoa porridge in the morning and it takes about 60~90 minutes to really soften it into almost congee. Taste great, pure and of course very healthy too! Namo Amitabha

- Sun 25th May 2014

Great value and quality

- Tue 22nd Apr 2014

Very nice quinoa and good value. Very nice with salads.

- Mon 8th Oct 2012

More filling than the non organic kind, also tastes better and doesn't go all sticky and mushy when cooked.

I - Wed 19th Sep 2012 I'm kind of experimenting with it. I threw it in my slow cooker along with some soup mix, some seasoning and some meat. I wanted to create a stew/casserole effect, without using any potatoes. When it was ready to eat, I could identify the soup mix, but I couldn't see any quinoa anywhere. HOWEVER, I did notice that my casserole/stew effort had a very lovely thickness to it, and so I shall assume that was the quinoa. The whole thing tasted lovely, so it gets a thumbs up from me.

Great quality - Sun 1st Jul 2012

So easy to use, cooks in about 10 minutes and so good for you. Quick and tasty alternative to rice.

- Wed 20th Jun 2012

Quinoa is gluten free, and very nutritious, it's well priced at goodness, compared to other brands.

Unbeatable quality - Sun 5th Jun 2011

Goodness Organic Quinoa is fantastically clean. We rinse it before cooking, but instead of the soapy water we would get in other countries, the water runs clean. We love it in 50/50 combination with white basmati rice. It is a very tasty, energizing, and light combination. We also use it instead of rice in rice puddings, as quinoa feels lighter on the digestive system. TIP: add some butter (or similar substitute if you are vegan) while cooking.

Great value! - Tue 19th Oct 2010

I get through a lot of quinoa as I do not eat much wheat. This variety is very good value as I find it can be very expensive. This is particularly good value for organic quinoa!

We LOVE Quinoa - Mon 11th Oct 2010

This product is great value for money and delicious. We love Quinoa in salad and as an alternative to rice and pasta.
Great for my daughter who doesn't eat wheat and a great source of protein.

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