Eat Goodness Organic Quinoa  250g

Eat Goodness Organic Quinoa 250g

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Quinoa is a light and fluffy 'grain' that can be used in the same way as rice

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More about Eat Goodness Organic Quinoa

Quinoa is not really a cereal at all, but it is an edible seed from chenopodium, a grain like crop which has these nutritious seeds. Quinoa can be used as the carb part of any meal using it where you would use rice, pasta, potatoes or couscous. Quinoa is often referred to as nutritious because it is rich in amino acids and of course quinoa is so simple to prepare and tastes so fluffy and creamy with a slightly crunchy texture. You'll just have to try it to know what I mean.

Cooking Instructions

Rinse and strain. Place in a pan of water, bring to the boil , add salt if you need it, although you find it tastes great without, and simmer for 10-15 mins.Turn off the heat and let it rest for 5-6 minutes. When cooked the grain releases its white germ.


Use as a side dish, in salads, to make veg croquettes and for stuffing vegetables etc.


Just organic quinoa grain and nothing else.

Nutritional Information

Typical anaysis per 100g: Energy: kJ 1460 kcal 350 Protein: 14.2g Carbohydrate: 59.8g Fat: 5.7g


Packed on a line which also handles peanuts, nuts, sesame, soya, milk, sulphur dioxide and cereals containing gluten.'


Quinoa Grain Pudding 2 cups quinoa, cooked (basic recipe) ½ cups raisins 3 cups milk ½ cup shredded coconut 1/3-cup honey or ½ cup brown sugar 1 tsp vanilla ½ cup almonds or walnuts, ground 3 eggs, beaten ½ tsp cinnamon 1/8 tsp salt ½ tsp lemon or orange rind, grated 1 Tbs butter 1 tsp lemon juice Combine all ingredients. Pour into greased baking dish or greased individual custard cups. Bake in 350-degree oven until set, about 45 minutes. Serve hot or cold, topped with yogurt, cream or apple juice. Serves 4-6. This recipe was borrowed from an old favorite that originally called for rice. Quinoa substitutes nicely to almost any recipe designed for rice.

Organic, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Eat Goodness Organic Quinoa 250g


- Thu 4th Feb 2016

I am just getting into eating more quinoa and preparing it myself, and these appear to be good quality.

Good stuff - Mon 30th Nov 2015

This Quinoa is comparable to other more expensive brands. We love it in soup or mixed with Cous Cous instead of potatoe.

Perfect Quinoa - Wed 26th Aug 2015

Really love this versatile and nutritious grain - well I think it's a grain! Anyway, it is easy to prepare and good as an accompaniment to any meal especially those that go well with rice and/or pasta. Nice on it's own or with sultanas or bits of veg . . . or whatever you fancy . . . mixed in. It also makes a tasty and light meal when mixed with fish, cold meats or nuts - really delicious. My favourite is mixing it with tinned mackerel, chunks of orange, a bit of natural yogurt and (the secret ingredient) a little curry powder. Served with a fresh salad - love it!!

I soak for as long as possible - Mon 18th Aug 2014

I try to soak these completely, the longer the better for me otherwise they stick in my teeth and the bitterness with the crunch doesn't really do it for me. I find soaking makes them more malleable for cooked foods unless using for a crunchy top layer which they are good for too.

- Mon 21st Jul 2014

Nutty and tasty, easy to prepare, a great alternative to couscous and rice

great taste - Sat 24th May 2014

Great taste, very healthy. We love the staff

- Tue 22nd Apr 2014

Great price and handy small pack. The quinoa seeds seem small compared to other brands

Add to Soups - Tue 25th Sep 2012

This makes a lovely protein rich addition to a simple homemade vegetable soup. Adds a nutty taste and texture too.


- Sat 16th Nov 2013

Washing and soaking is essential to make Quinoa more palatable, soak for at least and hour, overnight is even better.

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