Eat Goodness Organic Oatflakes, UK 3kg

Eat Goodness Organic Oatflakes, UK 3kg

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Goodness Organic Oatflakes, UK 3kg.

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More about Eat Goodness Organic Oatflakes, UK

Organic oatflakes are rolled oats (steamed and rolled) used for porridge, oatcakes and biscuits.

Choose organic rolled oats if you want a smooth consistency and a porridge that cooks quickly. Rolled oats have a medium grain and are also used in oatcakes, biscuits and stuffing. Oats are highly nutritious and filled with soluble fibre. They also have a pleasant, nutty flavour.

All oats have the same nutritional value so by choosing them guarantees you a hearty, comforting, breakfast to see you through to lunchtime. Oats are a slow release carbohydrate and perfect for a low G.I. diet.


Just Organic Oats and nothing else.

Nutritional Information

per 100g: Energy1557kj/370kcal, Protein 12.1g, Carbohydrate 56.1g, of which sugars 1.0g, Fat 8.4g, of which saturates 1.3g, Salt under 0.1g.


Oats contain gluten.

Packed on a line which also handles peanuts, nuts, sesame, soya, milk, sulphur dioxide and cereals containing gluten.

Organic, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Eat Goodness Organic Oatflakes, UK 3kg


Oaty Apricot Bites - Fri 10th Feb 2012

Preheat oven to 180 degrees C/ gas 4. Place 50 g chopped soft ready-to-eat dried apricots in a bowl with 50 g oats and 15 g shelled, unsalted chopped pistachios. Warm 50 g apricot jam until runny and stir into the oats. Shape into 8 rounds with your hands and place on a baking tray. Bake for 20-25 mins until golden. Store in an airtight container for up to a week.

Herby Cheese & Oat Fingers - Sun 5th Feb 2012

Combine 150 g oats, 175 g grated cheddar, 1 tbsp chopped rosemary leaves and a pinch of cayenne with 1 beaten egg. Add 50 g melted butter and mix well. Press mixture into a 20 cm greased square tin and bake at 180 degrees C/gas mark 4 for 30-40 minutes. Cut into 12 fingers.


Great value - Sun 12th Apr 2015

Been looking for a bulk bag like this for a while - glad I've found it! Go through one of these within a month or two :)

fabulous product - Mon 2nd Mar 2015

I'm having these oats as part of my everyday breakfast and I need to say that they are perfect for my diet . The previous ones that I've used, ordered through Ocado , were giving me a strange unexplainable heartburn sensation ...and to be honest they were not supposed to, being a natural, organic product. But these oats sold by GoodnessDirect, mixed up with the oats bran are the perfect recipee for a breakfast that s gonna fill up your batteries for the rest of the day. I'll be their filial customer for sure!

Value Organic Oats - Fri 7th Feb 2014

Great value organic oats. Hugely versatile too. I've used these oats in flapjacks, crumble toppings, smoothies, pastry, porridge, soda bread, veggie 'meat' balls, bean burgers and more. Oats are a great wholesome staple, the fibre in them is even reckoned to help reduce cholesterol. Excellent product.

Wonderful - Sun 26th Jan 2014

Pure wholesome goodness can be eaten as a cereal with vegan milk, with an array of fruits or toppings and can be used to make sweet or savoury treats, cakes, biscuits. Always good to have in the cupboard as it is great tasting, quick and easy to make. Can also be used to make a wonderful face mask.

Goodness Organic Oats Review - Sun 31st Mar 2013

Amazing value, great for breakfast and making flapjacks.

Great for your porridge - Sun 1st Jul 2012

I wanted to buy more organic products, and this is one of them. A lot cheaper than organic oats are in supermarkets, and a great product, just right for porridge.

Goodness Organic Oats - Tue 10th Jan 2012

Lovely texture oats and it's great to have a big bag to go at! I make super porridge every morning and add them to bread and crumble mix, as well as flapjack.

How great is this...?! - Tue 8th Feb 2011

What can I say?
If you and your family eat porridge every day like mine, then this product is a no-brainer...
First, its organic. second, its 3kg (perfect for bulk buying for hungry kids!). And third, its cheaper than buying at any supermarket!
Seriously, what's not to love?!
Gotta give a big thanks to Goodnessdirect for this one, Awesome!!!

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