Eat Goodness Popping Corn 500g

Eat Goodness Popping Corn 500g

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Goodness Popping Corn 500g.

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More about Eat Goodness Popping Corn

Dried maize kernels for popping.


Just Popping Corn and nothing else

Nutritional Information

per 100g: Energy1570kj/375kcal, Protein 10.8, Carbohydrate 74, of which sugars 0.9, Fat 4.3, of which saturates 0.6, Fibre 12.7, Salt under 0.1g.


Packed on a line which also handles peanuts, nuts, sesame, soya, milk, sulphur dioxide and cereals containing gluten.'


Customer reviews - Eat Goodness Popping Corn 500g


Popcorn - Sun 25th Sep 2016

I've found this a good popping corn with very few kernels unpopped at the end of cooking. Would recommend.

Great snack - Thu 18th Feb 2016

Good to keep around for quick snacks. I like to pop these in coconut oil and season with nutritional yeast and sea salt for a savoury crunchy snack, or popped in butter with a little powdered sugar and cinnamon, yum :) best to make enough to share!

Poptastic! - Fri 7th Feb 2014

We really love popcorn in our house, especially when settled down to watch a film on a Saturday evening. My partner in particular enjoys salty snacks to snack on, but he goes through crisps like no-one's business so I dare not buy them any more! Popcorn is easy to make and a little goes a *very* long way indeed, so it's also extremely cheap to make - plus its voluminous nature once popped makes you feel like you're having a proper munch fest. Dress simply with a sprinkling of salt, though it's even better with a little chilli powder too. Alternatively add a drizzle of maple syrup or honey for a sweet treat. Perfect store-cupboard staple.

- Tue 22nd Oct 2013

This is excellent value, a lot of popcorn for the price. We avoid microwaved food and make this in a pot with a little bit oil, it doesn't take long and tastes delicious with a bit of salt.

- Thu 4th Jul 2013

You don't always have to eat popcorn in the usual way of hand eating and using salt or sugar, why not make a cereal out of it with milk? I include things like fruits (or a natural sweetener), nuts, seeds, nut butters or anything you could use in a cereal or muesli really.

Take note men! - Tue 22nd Jan 2013

Interestingly, popcorn has the highest known level of vegetable derived arginine - an amino acid required for all growth and sexual development. Arginine makes up the main part of the body of sperm, and is therefore essential for healthy sperm production.

Popcorn! - Fri 15th Apr 2011

I don't have a microwave, so I am always looking for plain popcorn. It seems to have recently disappeared from most stores and when it is there, it is quite expensive. This popcorn is both delicious (and doesn't have many unpopped kernels) and inexpensive.

- Wed 17th Mar 2010

Popcorn is brilliant - a healthy snack, tasty and very cheap! I like to eat mine with xylitol. Or with a chilli sauce. Or with tamari sauce. One pack lasts ages, even with the huge bowls I like to make, to eat while watching my favourite films.


- Thu 30th Jan 2014

Preheat oven to 150 - 170 degrees centigrade.

If you want flavoured popcorn, mix through your chosen ingredients, coating the popcorn evenly and place in the oven for 10 minutes, this makes the popcorn extra crispy and dries out any wet ingredients, leaving the flavour intact.

I like it coated in a couple of spoons of mincemeat, it leaves the popcorn tasting fruity and spicy.

Try... - Sun 20th May 2012

Try melting 200 g marshmallows in a microwave on full power for 10-15 secs until gooey. Stir in 80 g prepared sweetened popcorn and 75 g chopped ready-to-eat dried apricots. Take large teaspoons of the mixture and using wet hands shape each into balls. Place on a tray and leave to set and cool for 10 mins before serving.

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