Cotton Soft

CottonSoft brings the unique properties of natural cotton to care for our skin as well as being made in an eco-friendly way. Cotton is known to be soft and gentle next to our skin, and whereas most other tissues are made from processed wood fibre, Cotton Soft is produced from pure natural cotton, which is less abrasive than wood fibre and, therefore, smoother on the skin. Cottonsoft is also healthier for your skin, because cotton fibres absorb fluids and bacteria at a higher rate than wood fibre, so cotton Soft will absorb germs faster than wood-based tissues.

Environmentally friendly

CottonSoft tissue is free of all chemical pesticides, fertilisers and bleach. These tissues are safe for use on sensitive skin and for removing make-up.

Every day thousands of square miles of the world's forests, perhaps the single most important resource needed to maintain global ecological balance, are destroyed in order to fulfil the ever-increasing demand for paper. In addition, intense chemical precessing and huge energy consumption is needed t turn the raw wood into the pulp necessary to make a 'soft' tissue.

Recycling paper may go some way towards helping the environment, but most recycled paper still contain significant amounts of wood pulp, and it takes extra chemicals and energy to remove all traces of inks, dyes and other contamination from the raw material, before it is suitable to be made into tissue.

By contrast, cotton is an annually renewable crop, which is harvested without damage to the environment and, because it does not have to be 'softened up' before turning into tissue, it can be put straight into the manufacturing process without prior chemical processing.

Cotton - better than recycled paper

CottonSoft is made only from 100% pure cotton linters, which are the short fibres of cotton discarded as waste during the manufacture of fabrics or cotton seed oil These are then recycled to produce paper. The cotton used to make CottonSoft is free of chemical pesticides, insecticides and fertilisers, and the tissues are bleach-free.

CottonSoft tissue is fully biodegradable and is safe for use with septic tanks.

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Cotton Soft Facial Tissues 3ply 56 sheets Cotton Soft Facial Tissues 3ply 56 sheets

100% Cotton Tissues for sensitive skinMultisoft (LYG) Company Limited,
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