25% OFF – 5 of your Absolute Essentials for Summer Festivals and Camping

Aloe 99 Gel 128gWith the Summer Festival season upon us and many people planning their Summer camping escapes, we’ve put together a list of some of what we think are essential items to take with you, and these are all at 25% OFF. These are all items that will help you keep happy and healthy while living the canvas roof in an open field lifestyle.

1 After Suncare – We have a few sun creams available at GoodnessDirect but I wanted to particularly highlight this one from Aloe 99. It is a 99% cold processed aloe gel for use on dry skin after exposure to sun and for general skincare.

Bentley Organic Hand Sanitiser 50ml2 Hand Sanitiser – Camping always induces a fear of dirt and germs in me. I do really enjoy a week camping but I miss certain creature comforts, like a sink and toilet within a two minute walk from my bed! One thing I won’t go without on a camping trip is hand sanitiser. It’s so useful to carry in your pocket or bag so that you can use a quick squirt before you eat or even if the sinks in the porta-loos are too crowded at your summer festival and you’re in a rush to see a certain band. This hand sanatiser from Bentley Organic is fantastic, it’s made to be gentle on your skin but harsh on germs. In fact, it’s proven to kill 99% of germs – and that’s from an alcohol free sanitiser! I love it.

haymax3 Hay fever Treatment – For those who suffer from hay fever, a week spent outdoors in nature can be a difficulty. Be sure to pack your hay fever treatment with you. Hay Max offers a great solution to hay fever, their pollen barriers are drug free balms that are applied to your nostrils in order to catch any pollen before it reaches your respiratory system and causes any reaction. No more tablets making you feel woozy or light headed, just pop one of these in your pocket and you’re good to go! Such a simple yet highly effective, award-winning idea.

Some for the girls –

Faith In Nature 3-in-1 Facial Wipes4 Facial Wipes –  Bathroom facilities are limited at camp-sites and often, don’t leave you feeling very clean. To help you keep fresh at all times femi wipes are a pretty useful thing to have with you. These are Faith in Nature facial wipes are very cooling, soothing yet refreshing – and really helpful in the heat! They also take off makeup really well and leave your face looking and feeling clean. And they’re made with organic ingredients that are approved Vegan. Perfect for trips away!

5 The Moon Cup – This one may seem like a bit of a daunting suggestion to a lot of us girls. But unfortunately, your body doesn’t seem to care whether you’re going camping or on holiday or not, when your ‘monthly’ comes, it comes! The moon cup is very popular amongst festival goers and campers. Who wants to waste suitcase space with boxes and boxes of tampons? Obviously, you will need to get used to using a moon cup before you go away but think about how convenient it will be! One massive thing to make sure you get right is the cup mooncup size bsize, if you haven’t had a baby and are under 30 years of age, get the B cup! The moon cup won’t only be great for camping and festivals, but if you get into using it regularly just thing how much money you will save on tampons and pads! Not to mention the reduction in your contribution to landfill.

What else do you absolutely have to take with you when you go away?

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