St Dalfour – The ‘100% from fruit’ spread in a jar!



St Dalfour 100% Fruit Jam Preserves

It was at the end of the eighties when the very first jars of St Dalfour were introduced to the UK. These Fruit Spreads, being all natural with rich, luscious ingredients, superb taste and outstanding presentation, soon became very popular. They are regarded by many as a culinary masterpiece.

Nearly 20 years on, St. Dalfour Fruit Spreads have become famous in more than 120 countries worldwide with the United Kingdom considered as the flagship of the brand. With annual sales exceeding 5 million jars, one would imagine St. Dalfour would have come of age. Yet while many have been enjoying their St. Dalfour fruit spreads with their morning croissant, toast or teatime scone, we at St. Dalfour have been busy developing new ideas and recipes for you to make the very most of each fruit variety and the most out of your daily cooking experiences.

With the fruits of our labour continually evolving, it is great to see how rewarding it is to add St. Dalfour to your favourite and most reassured recipes.

Pick up a jar of St. Dalfour 100% from Fruit Spread and indulge your taste buds. See where your journey will take you.” – St. Dalfour

St. Dalfour preserves are so versatile

St. Dalfour’s preserves are loaded with fruit and have no added sugar. This makes them so much more adaptable for culinary uses than the average jar of jam or preserves.Pancakes with raspberry jam & fresh raspberries

Baked Goods – great for

  • Filling layer cakes.
  • Topping a cheesecake.
  • Filling for pancakes.

Drinks – why not try

  • Using them in cocktails.
  • Adding to soda water.
  • Mixing them into milkshakes.

Savouries – what about

  • Glazing meats and meat substitutes.yogurt with apples and jam
  • Whipping up some BBQ sauce.
  • Adding them to a cheese platter.
  • Using them as a spread in sandwiches as a complimentary flavour.
  • Mixing them with your favourite vinaigrette.

Don’t forget Breakfast

  • Add a dollop to plain, sugarless yogurt.
  • Mix some into warm porridge.


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