Twist Natural Cleaning Products

More of the Twist cleaning range

The Twist range are only made with natural products

The Twist collection includes every type of cleaning cloth you could need when scrubbing your home, there are sponges, cleaning cloths, the loofah scrubby, the loofah sponge, (basically the same as a scourer with a sponge on the back), and about 6 other products.

The great thing about Twist is that it is biodegradable and completely natural made from a selection of bamboo, corn and agave twine – the whole wonderful range!

Just to top it all these cleaning products work!

Twist Cleaning Range

Natural cleaning with Twist

Cleaning isn’t really a “gently, gently” kind of job is it? It’s pretty full on. The Twist range are robust and stand the test – they are hard wearing.

Cleaning is made easy. Products are durable and do their job well, whether it is soaking or wiping down, or scrubbing-off baked on food, and they look pretty cute in your kitchen.

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