Introducing Wild Plains – Changing a Community for the Better

We are so excited to be introducing to our shelves Wild Plains exotic dried fruit. But before I lose you on the dried fruit, Wild Plains Foods are so much more then just tasty high quality and unadulterated snacks! They really believe in giving back to the people, the communities and the land where the products are grown.

Wild Plains Food

Wild Plains Foods offer 4 great high quality, organically grown exotic dried fruits from Tanzania

Wild Plain have 4 objectives, or commitments as you will:


Wild Plains believe in the power of education to bring an end to poverty. Education has the power to really transform a child’s life so Wild Plains strive hard to provide children with education in East Africa, fighting against the inequalities that may stand in their way. They have partnered with remote and rural communities to enable parents and teachers to create sustainable, effective schooling so that children no longer leave school without vital basic skills

Health and Hygiene

Wild Plains – Instilling love for the environment in children

Over the recent years Wild Plains have been working hard to ensure that schools are safe by working to renovate and construct classrooms, staffrooms, school kitchens while also improving the access to clean drinking water and toilets.

Sustainable farming

By educating farmers on how to incorporate growing natural habitats, nurturing wildlife, improving soil quality Wild Plains are helping farmers to adopt a holistic method of farming, rooted in respecting the fundamentals of nature. Not only are they encouraging environmentally friendly and sustainable methods of farming they are also helping the actual farmers meet their own needs as well as the needs of the communities and customers they serve.  Wild Plains are also working hard to reduce the waste, carbon and water print of all of their processes.

Wild Plains have recently partnered with the world-renowned Jane Goodall Institute, Tanzania, who, over the last few decades, have been tirelessly working towards conservation and protection of natural resources like the forests and its natural inhabitants.


Wild Plains state that it should be each person’s mission to live in harmony with all living things and to leave this planet in a better place. They believe that the best way to protect our planet from the destructive practices we have developed over the years is to change the mindset of future generations. We couldn’t agree more! To action this belief, Wild Plains have recently paired up with the Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots Program both in the UK and in Tanzania. Together they hope to educate the next generation of the impact of conservation and community development to see a future change in both animal and plant conservation.

Community Development

By helping the parents to earn a secure living, Wild Plains are supporting the next generation by enabling farming families to grown more sustainable crops and to receive a fair price for their work. Wild Plains also works closely with community leaders to install the importance of education and ensuring the success of a child’s development at home and within in the community.

So when you snack on wild plains foods, you are making a difference to some of East Africa’s most vulnerable people. Each pack purchased helps fund education, health and hygiene, sustainable farming, conservation and community development projects in east Africa.



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