Food with Purpose – check out some of the new brands to our web shop!

There are three things dear to our heart here at Goodness Direct; looking after people, caring for the planet, and having quality products that are real and authentic

Every month we are adding new brands to our shelves, all of which we hope will fit into at least one of these categories. By supporting these brands we hope to fill our shop with goodness for us, for others and for the planet

This month we are excited to say that we have taken on 3 new brands that fit our pillars of ethos.

Exotic Dried Fruits from Wild Plains – Looking after People

Known for their high quality dried fruits from Tanzania where they are based, Wild Plains are passionate about making a real difference to their community. From water & hygiene projects, neighborhood development to conservation & education. The profits of Wild Plains goes back into the community and people in which the food is organically grown, harvested and packed. Wild Plains are partnering with socially conscientious and acclaimed organizations to accomplish projects in: Education, Health and Hygiene, Sustainable farming, conservation and community development.

Back in 2016 they provided a local school with a water pump so that students no longer had to walk 3km to a crocodile invested water source and earlier this year they have funded the renovation to a local orphanage, from tilling the floor, giving it a new roof, kitchen, installing toilets and water tanks.

When you choose Wild Plains you are voting with your purse to make a difference to real lives.

Wild Plains Food

We currently have 4 great exotic dried fruits from Wild Plains: Papaya, Mango, Banana, Pineapple – they literally are the best dried fruits you’ll ever taste!

Crisp and Popcorn from Ten Acre – Caring for the Planet.

We are so pleased to say that we are finally taking on Ten Acre! These vegan and allergen free crisps and popcorn are all grown, harvested and packed in the UK. They are passionate about making tantalizingly tasty hand cooked crisps with minimal impact to the environment around them.

All the potatoes and maize for their delicious snacks are grown on their farm and the waste is fed through an anaerobic digester. This converts the waste into gas which is then used to power the farm along with their solar panels. In fact so much is produced that there is even some left over to be fed back into the national grid.

ten acre crisps

Ten Acre offer a wide range of classic and modern flavoured crisps and popcorn

Natural condiments from Dr Will’s – Quality Products

Dr Will’s believe that good food deserves great condiments and we couldn’t agree more!

Up in the north of England a doctor and a restaurateur met at a cross fit and came to the realization that good natural condiments free from refined sugar, additives and preservatives – simply weren’t available in the condiments aisle. They quickly got to work and created 3 great tasting products (ketchup, beetroot and BBQ) that are bursting with integrity and flavour, but without all the sugar and artificial ingredients!!

Dr Will's sauces

Dr Will’s high quality and great tasting sauces. BBQ, Beetroot and the classic Tomato Ketchup

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