Floating Leaf, Wild Rice and Your Health

Floating Leaf

Designed to promote excellent health through healthy cuisine, Floating Leaf wild rice products can be likened to the floating leaf stage of the wild rice plant where the reaching leaf nourishes the submerged stock and root bringing forth a healthy plant  to
maturity. Just as the appearance of long narrow floating leaves on the surface of Canada’s northern pristine lake waters is natures first promise of a new wild rice crop, look to Floating Leaf foods for our promise of providing new healthy food alternatives to your table.

With Floating Leaf we recognise the specific dietary requirements and preferences of consumers with health challenges like coeliac, diabetes, heart health and those who simply desire optimum health.

Wild rice is highly nutritious, delicious and a staple in a healthy, wholesome diet. Although wild rice is well known as a rice and wholegrain, you may be surprised to learn that Wild rice is not a true rice or grain. It is an aquatic grass seed that can be appropriately classified as a pseudograin (seed), which is superior to other rice and much more nutritious than traditional grains. It actually has twice as much protein as regular rice and more B vitamins, iron, calcium and phosphorus than brown rice.

Pseudograins, like wild rice, are higher in protein, fibre and trace minerals than grains and will provide you with clean energy to fuel your mind, body and soul. Wild rice has a full-bodied, nutty flavor and chewy texture. It?s considered a gourmet delicacy and has a very impressive nutritional profile. It is rich in minerals, vitamins (especially the B’s), fibre, phytonutrients, protein and complex carbohydrates, which all nourish the body. It is easily digested, alkaline-forming and gluten free. Additional benefits include the fact that it is cholesterol-free, contains no sodium and is a very low-fat food.

It grows organically in Northern regions in clear, fresh water lakes and rivers. Wild rice goes through a pure preparation process that retains the quality and quantity of nutrients inside and of course, its rich, distinctive taste. With its nutritional benefits, this dish will fit the bill for any health conscious individual without them having to sacrifice flavor. Wild rice is very versatile and compliments many meals. It will leave your belly full and you completely satisfied.

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