Do you know what you’re spraying on your kitchen surfaces?

Have you ever breathed in noxious fumes while spraying a household cleaning product and wondered what else it might be doing to your body, your skin, your eyes or blood?

Take a look at this worrying sample list of chemicals.


Ingredients from plants, not chemical plants

For completely non-toxic cleaning products try Method. When you see natural on a Method label it means that 100% of the ingredients in that bottle come from natural sources, which means you can be confident that your home is not poisoning you.

Method has a big range and their products are technically innovative so you don’t have to use as much or pay as much. They also make sure that their cleaning bottles are made from recycled material and can be recycled – they call it ‘reincarnation’. Visit Method’s website to see all their Green credentials – the way they think through their green production process is very impressive.

GoodnessDirect recently brought in some new products from Method, including Hand Soaps, Laundry Liquids and Washing-Up Liquid, but for an entire list visit the Method pages on GoodnessDirect.

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