Cielos – Sun-ripened olives in a crunchy coating

  Sun-ripened olives in a crunchy coating

 Cielos Crunchy Olives are pitted sun-ripened olives with a crunchy rice-flour coating. Cielos are truly one of a kind and offer a completely new taste experience – they’re the first crunchy olive snack! This innovative product from Switzerland is perfect for cocktail parties or barbecues, and is also ideal to take along with you when you’re on the go.

 Cielos are available in five delicious flavours – Wasabi, Indian Curry, Paprika,  Sour Cream & Onion and À la Pizza – and come in practical airtight packaging.
 Cielos - Wasabi  WASABI

Crunchy olives with wasabi. This unique, Japanese-inspired Cielos creation is a delicious snack with a hot and spicy kick.

Cielos - Curry INDIAN CURRY

These Cielos have more than a hint of Indian flair with a perfectly flavoured, mild and fruity blend of curry spices. Cielos with Indian curry are the perfect snack for any situation.

Cielos - Paprika PAPRIKA

The mild, balanced spice of the paprika perfectly complements the sun-ripened olives for a delicious burst of flavour. Cielos with paprika – a true classic!

Cielos - Sour Cream and Onion SOUR CREAM & ONION

The sour cream and onion flavour is both tasty and trendy. The secret is to create a perfect balance of ingredients – something Cielos have artfully mastered, resulting in an innovative snacking experience.

Cielos - A la Pizza À LA PIZZA

The Mediterranean flavours in the high-quality, specially developed herb-and-spice mixture are reminiscent of the origins of our olives and inspire a bit of longing for the southern sunshine with every crunch.

  • QUALITY – We only use ingredients of the highest quality.
  • ENVIRONMENT – High environmental standards. Minimised power usage during production, transportation and disposal.
  • FRESHNESS – Our products are processed fresh in Switzerland. Great taste guaranteed!
  • EXPERIENCE – Experience, skill and expertise since 1975.


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