3 low fodmap recipes - simple and healthy

3 low FODMAP recipes – keeping it simple and healthy

For those of us suffering with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), following a diet low in FODMAPS (Fermented Oligosaccharides, Disacchardies, monosaccharides and polyols) can be massively helpful in reducing and pin pointing … Continue Reading →

Picture of Jackfruit growing in trees with the title, 'How to cook with tinned jackfruit'

How To Cook With Tinned Jackfruit

For those of you who haven’t tried Jackfruit yet then you are seriously missing out! The Jackfruit is a large fruit and close relative of the fig and breadfruit family. … Continue Reading →

Floating Leaf, Wild Rice and Your Health

Floating Leaf Designed to promote excellent health through healthy cuisine, Floating Leaf wild rice products can be likened to the floating leaf stage of the wild rice plant where the … Continue Reading →

25% OFF AQUA OLEUM – the benefits of high quality essential oils, and how to use them

Aqua Oleum is a company with a heritage spanning over three generations, based on expert family knowledge of essential oils. For over 30 years, it has built its market reputation … Continue Reading →

Meet La Kouzina Verde – specialty Olive oils and honey

If you’re looking for something a bit special in the form of olive oils and honey, then welcome to the home of La Kouzina Verde – good and honest food from the Mediterranean! … Continue Reading →

Chocolate Choices – what’s out there for Vegans?

Everyone loves chocolate, and what’s not to love? But what are the best chocolate options for vegans? We’ve picked some of our favourite brands and given you the low-down on … Continue Reading →

Top Tips for a Very Merry Vegan Christmas

We ran a competition for a Vegan Hamper. Our Facebook followers stopped by and gave us some really great tips for ‘Surviving a Vegan Christmas’, and we thought we’d share … Continue Reading →

Winter Wellness – ‘Good Health’ Warming Stews

So, it’s November and the weather is definitely getting colder. Not only that, we’re starting to get sick too. Lots of my friends and family are looking to easy simple … Continue Reading →

The Gift Hamper – A Charitable Beginning

The team, at Goodness Direct, have been super busy these past weeks preparing our Pamper Hampers for this Christmas season. We thought you’d be interested in really great options for … Continue Reading →

5 Quick Tips to Winter Wellness

1. Winter fatigue Winter, with all its festive planning and preparation, not to mention day to day work and family responsibilities, can be exhausting. Fatigue plays havoc with your immune … Continue Reading →

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