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Making sense of Probiotics – Choosing the right one for you

What is a Probiotic? In a world obsessed with being clean and sterile we can forget that not all bacteria’s are bad for us. As humans we are filled with … Continue Reading →

Top 10 Healthy Heart Tips

In the scheme of things good living can be challenging without good health. And most of us want to make healthy choices so we can age gradually and enjoy every stage … Continue Reading →

Chocolate Choices – what’s out there for Vegans?

Everyone loves chocolate, and what’s not to love? But what are the best chocolate options for vegans? We’ve picked some of our favourite brands and given you the low-down on … Continue Reading →

Sprouted seeds and beans, a great source of summer nutrition

How to sprout beans and seeds?
All that is needed is a glass jar with a lid with holes in or a piece of cotton or muslin and an elastic band to hold the cloth in place over the neck of the jar. Continue Reading →

See you at the Allergy + Free From 2016! 3 shows in 1 location, free tickets

Attend the Allergy + Free From Show, Love Natural Love You Show, and Just V Show on 8-10th July 2016 for FREE! London is the place to be this summer … Continue Reading →

Love Your Blender – easy recipes to personalise your super smoothie

We’re so excited about Love Your Blender products that we’re still talking about them. Did you catch our other Love Your Blender blog? If not you can read it here … Continue Reading →

Nutrition and hydration for optimal sports endurance

Most of us either love or hate physical exercise. As the weather gets warmer more and more of us will be thinking about exercise and fitness. It’s easy to ignore exercise during … Continue Reading →

Discovering more of the benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks to consume daily. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. This includes improved brain function, … Continue Reading →

Artisan Grains

Artisan Grains- Great for National Heart Month

Cooking can be great fun, but it can also get very boring. I’ve found that the trick to keeping your cooking exciting is to be adventurous in the ingredients and … Continue Reading →

Superfoods for your smoothies

Smoothies are all over the place recently. Everyone seems to have a brand new smoothie blender, myself included. I’ve been enjoying my morning smoothies for breakfast, though, I’ll admit, I … Continue Reading →

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