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If you’ve never tried an alternative to harsh chemical cleaning, now is a great time. Ecozone products are super affordable at 40% OFF. So why not try them now? I bet you’re going to love them.

The main problem with spring cleaning (at least in my house) is that:

  1. Cleaning, I mean serious cleaning,  takes up too much time, and
  2. Most of the cleaning products just aren’t pleasant to breath in or kind to the environment.

But giving your home a well needed deep and thorough cleaning doesn’t have to be toxic or time consuming.

Make your home an Ecozone ECOZ

We’re proud to say that here at GoodnessDirect all our cleaning products are safe, cruelty free and environmentally friendly. In past blogs we’ve talked a lot about reasons to clean green, and if you haven’t switched to eco-friendly products yet, maybe this spring is a good time for change. (see related posts at the bottom of this page)

If you’re not familiar with our recent eco-friendly company Ecozone you’re missing out on some great products. Ecozone have created some very economic and planet friendly cleaning products for every room in the house, and even have solutions for damp, limescale, stains and more. And of course, none of their products are ever tested on animals and they are 100% vegan.

What’s Ecozone’s mission?

We want to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals you live with.  Homes should be safe, clean places for people to flourish, not germs.  But we don’t see why giving dirt the heave-ho means letting loose all manner of planet-zapping toxins… Respecting the environment can be a way of living every day.  By giving you planet-friendly solutions to your household problems, we hope you’ll be able to make choices that are better for you and everyone else, the world over. “

Quick cleaning solutions

Logically, it’s best to tackle the rooms that are most challenging first (when your energy levels are highest). That way you can complete the toughest jobs more quickly. Finish with the bedroom(s), which is usually requires the least amount of cleaning and therefore the least amount of energy. If this doesn’t reflect your home just swap the order to suit.

Cleaners for the bathroom

Most of us give our baths a good scrub after each use. So the main problem areas for cleaning are the tiles and toilet.

Ecozone 3 in 1 Bathroom Cleaner 500ml

969001bFor soap residue and mineral deposit build up, and general cleaning this bathroom cleaner is created to rid you of limescale and soap scum, and leave your bathroom gleaming in minutes! Easy to use with a smart cap to deliver either a jet of foam, or a spray mist for larger areas.

Customer comment:

Powerfully effective – Tue 1st Mar 2016

“I have tried most of the eco brands and in comparison to standard bathroom cleaners, this product does perform very well, in particular with limescale removal. I have put it to work on grimy shower tiles and it does make a noticeable difference with a bit of elbow grease. I also use this for general spray and wipe of hand basins and other surfaces etc.”

Ecozone Enzymatic Plughole Hair Unblocker 250ml969056b

Plughole unblocker from Ecozone dissolves hair using an enzymatic formula instead of  corrosive and caustic ingredients like other unblockers. This makes it much more safer for your plumber and you.

Just pour 2 litres of warm water into the plughole, then pour half the contents of the bottle without adding further water. Leave for 12 to 24 hours, then follow with 2 litres of warm water.
(This should be followed by maintenance doses once a month.)969189b

Note: For unblocking drains Ecozone Enzymatic Kitchen Drain Unblocker breaks through grease, soap, organic residue
and toilet paper. The 1 litre bottle is suitable for 2 uses and is safe for septic tanks.

Toilet bowl

We all want a clean and fresh smelling toilet, but it shouldn’t cost the earth. But don’t worry, Ecozone have got it covered.

Ecozone Magnaloo 2 pcs969078b

Anti-Limescale Treatment for Toilets

A scientifically proven way to keep limescale at bay! This 2 pack of Magnoloo’s from Ecozone uses magnetism to help remove and prevent limescale for up to 5 years.

Just place a Magnoloo inside the cistern of the toilet, it will stay there at the bottom and then water will circulate through it. If you live in an area where the water is very hard use 2 Magnoloos and replace after 5 years.

Ecozone Toilet Cleaner Gel 750ml

969089b3 in 1 Ocean Breeze Toilet Cleaner Gel with an ocean breeze fragrance.

Refreshes and cleans your toilet whilst also removing limescale and killing germs.

Remove the cap and distribute within the toilet bowl , leave for a few moments and flush for great results.

Customer comment

Really like this one – Tue 1st Mar 2016

“I really like this one. Having tried other Ecozone products I was confident in choosing this for the loo, where you really want a good job well done. Thankfully there is no overpowering scent/perfume and it seems to be doing a good job of keeping the loo clean, pleasant smelling and limescale free, it’s great to find a good and effective eco-solution and I will stick to this and recommend it.”

Cleaners for the kitchen

969012bThe kitchen is another hard place to clean, it’s the heart of the home and it can get dirty very quickly.

Ecozone 3 in 1 Kitchen Cleaner 500ml

For all your work surfaces Ecozone’s kitchen cleanser is perfect for ovens and hobs as it not only cleans, it also degreases and leaves surfaces sparkling. To make it even better, the cap is designed to give you a choice of foam or a mist spray. Simply spray on ovens to degrease and clean.

Ecozone 3 in 1 Multi Surface Cleaner 500ml969023b

3 in 1 Anti Bacterial Multi Surface Cleaner.

This multi surface cleaner kills 99.9% of bacteria and works well in both bathrooms and kitchens, leaving sinks and surfaces sparkling! Comes with a clever cap to give you the choice of a direct, foam spray, or a mist for larger areas. Use around the home in areas where bacteria lies.

Small appliances

Ecozone Coffee Machine Descaler 6 x 225ml969045b

Cleans and descales Coffee Machines, (enough for 5 uses). Works with all types of machines and removes coffee residue and limescale throughout,  leaving no odours or tastes.

Ecozone Kettle and Iron Descaler 3 x 20g969213b

Ecozone, kettle and iron descaler for removing any build up of limescale.
This helps to save energy cost and makes appliances last longer – which is better for you and for the environment.

Ecozone Pan and Soleplate Cleaner

Non-Toxic Pan & Soleplate Cleaner 969246b

Easy to use, pan and soleplate cleaner block from Ecozone. Typically used on irons, pans and ovens to remove dust, burnt on stains and leftover residue whilst using no toxic chemicals, but also can be used on glass, ceramics and even for cleaning away grout!  Add water to the block and rub the block over the rusty/stained area and let the magic happen.

Large appliances

Ecozone Rinse Aid 500ml 969257b

Dry and Shine Rinse Aid for the dishwasher.

Quick and easy to use, this rinse aid leaves your glasses and dishes gleaming. Add to the rinse aid reservoir in your dishwasher. Don’t forget to check the level often.

Ecozone Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner 6 x 22.5g

Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner & Descaler 969101b (1)

A washing machine and dishwasher cleaner that removes not only odours and detergent build ups but also limescale. Easy to use and can improve the life of your machine.

For washing machines – Place a tablet into the drum of your empty wash, then run a hot (60°+) cycle without a pre-wash.
For dishwashers – Place a tablet onto the bottom of the empty machine and run a hot wash without a pre-rinse.

Cleaners for the living room & bedrooms

For spot cleaning carpet stains and removing humidity from wardrobe, these final two products will do the trick.

Ecozone Magic Stain Eraser 2 pc969067b

Water activated, eco-friendly, stain cleaning eraser suitable for any surface, easy and quick to use. Your house will be sparkling in no time!  Cut a small block from the stain eraser sponge (the 2 large sponges can be cut down to 30 smaller sponges), then moisturise with water and rub gently over stains and watch them vanish.

For more eco-friendly products visit our Cleaning Aisle!


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  • Cleaning in an eco-friendly way is the way to go in times where pollution is a worldwide problem. Spring is here and cleaning up your house is something most of us will do, and we should think about what products we use. You list is great and I hope many of us will not pollute while cleaning our homes!

  • Abbie John says:

    before the spring season garden and home, cleaning is necessary. if you want to remove the old paint and stain use the jet washing machine that is early remove all the stains from home and wall of home

So, what is your take on this?