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Pharma Nord UK Ltd have been supplying pharmaceutical quality vitamins and dietary supplements to consumers, health food shops, pharmacies, hospitals and practitioners for over 20 years.

Pharma Nord products are blister packed to protect the active ingredients. The extensive range includes coenzyme Q10 ubiquinone and ubiquinol, pycnogenol, vitamin D3, omega-3 fish oils, multivitamins, glucosamine, sea buckthorn oil, probiotics and much more.

Pharma Nord supports research in the UK and abroad and keep a comprehensive database of over 8000 studies. They are advocates of doctors, nutritionists, cardiologists, bio-chemists, health writers and pharmacists.

Bent Henriksen O.B.E (Hons) – Managing Director

Bent Henriksen is a Danish-born businessman who founded Pharma Nord’s UK operations in 1988. He has grown Pharma Nord into one of Britain’s most respected nutraceutical brands. His passion and personal success with quality dietary supplements has been the driving force behind Pharma Nord internationally and has led to the development of Pharma Nord Specials. Bent remains focused on developing Pharma Nord in the UK and will ensure that quality, innovation and excellent customer service are achieved at all times.

Food supplement with superior quality

All of Pharma Nord’s manufacturing facilities and standard routines comply with the rigid GMP (medical drugs) and HACCP (food supplements) rules. The reason for this is that the exact same manufacturing team produces both our medical drugs and food supplements. Every production staff member is trained to follow the exact same procedures with respect to quality, hygiene, and documentation, regardless of what type of product they are in the process of manufacturing. That way the employees do not have to worry about which set of standards they follow in the different situations. Only one standard applies – the highest of all.

Shelf life testing

All medical drugs and certain nutritional supplements are submitted to a shelf life test in order to ensure that the active ingredients maintain the right strength at the expiration date of the preparation. The test is conducted in special climate cabinets with specified temperature and humidity in order to document the quality of the products throughout their entire shelf life.Pharma Nord Vitamin D3 1000iu 80c

Pharma Nord Product Highlight

Pharma Nord Vitamin D3 1000iu 80c

Vitamin D supplements help improve mental performance in young people

Supplementing with vitamin D helps adolescents solve cognitively challenging tasks more easily and improves their mental well-being, according to a Norwegian study.

Young people perform better in cognitively challenging tests, have improved mental health and fewer self-reported behavioral problems when their blood levels of vitamin D are higher. Norwegian scientists demonstrated this in an intervention study of 50 male and female volunteers aged 13-14 years who received a vitamin D supplement (D3-Pearls from Pharma Nord) or a placebo.

The aim of the study was to investigate if vitamin D supplementation could affect executive functioning and self-perceived mental health in a group of Norwegian adolescents. Executive functions are mental skills that involve mental control and self-regulation. The randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial is published in the science journal Scandinavian Journal of Psychology.

Better at solving problems

The study was conducted during the winter period, as this is the time of the year where northern Europeans typically have low vitamin D levels. Before and after supplementation, both vitamin D and placebo groups were asked to perform different types of problem solving that involved strategic thinking and planning. The participants were also asked to self-report behaviors such as irritability, aggression, and rule-breaking conduct.

The Norwegian scientists observed that the vitamin D levels in the treatment group went up significantly (a 40 percent increase from baseline), showing that the supplement had good absorption. The vitamin D group performed better than the placebo group, especially in terms of solving challenging mental tasks.

Important for brain development

There is already solid evidence showing that vitamin D plays an important role in brain development, cognitive functioning, and mental health, findings all of which are supported by the new study. The researchers specifically link low vitamin D levels to an impaired ability to maintain concentration and to worse social behavior. This new study points to the importance of ensuring an adequate vitamin D status in young people.


Grung B, et al., ”Linking vitamin D status, executive functioning and self-perceived mental health in adolescents through multivariate analysis: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.” Scand J Psych. 2017;58(2):123–130

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