2010 Free From Food Awards

The shortlist of Free From Products which are being considered by Foods Matter for the 2010 Free From Food Awards has now been released.

What an excellent initiative the Free From Awards are, they have helped give the special diet foods industry recognition that did not previously exist.  The list of foods being considered includes a wide variety of excellent products which really illustrates how the ‘free from’ market is growing and maturing.  Free from is being acknowledged by manufacturers and retailers alike and the selection  embraces products from a much wider sphere than just the baked goods historically at the centre of the ‘free from’ market.

The full list is  below separated into several categories.

Innovation Award

Against the Grain chocolate and orange cookies
Antony Worrall Thompson stock cubes
Asda gluten-free fusilli
Cake Angels cup cakes
Dietary Specials frozen sausage rolls
Gluten Free Kitchen brown bread rolls
Gluten Free Kitchen egg-free carrot cake
Hares’ Moor Curry kits
Hale & Hearty gluten-free bread mix
Hale & Hearty gluten-free falafel mix
Hale & Hearty gluten-free pasta
Isabel’s cheese bread mix
Livwell English muffins
Lovemore Free From Foods gluten-free pastry
Peace of Cake – cake selection
Sainsbury’s Bombay potatoes
Sainsbury’s caramelised onion rolls
Sainsbury’s chilli con carne
Sainsbury’s gingerbread slices
Sainsbury’s Korma sauce
Sweet Freedom

1. Animal (not cow)’s milk, butter, yogurt and ice cream

Delamere Dairy whole goat milk
Lactofree lactose reduced cow’s milk
Laverstoke Park buffalo milk
St Helen’s Farm whole goat milk
St Helen’s goat butter
Styles strawberry sheep’s milk dessert
Styles vanilla bean sheeps’ milk dessert
Tesco whole goat milk

2. Plant (soya, rice,oat, nut, potato) ‘milk’, spread, yoghurt, cheese and ice cream

B’Nice non dairy rice cream – strawberry
Biona Organic Olive spread
BoojaBooja Stuff in a tub – hunky punky chocolate
BoojaBooja Stuff in a tub – smiling vanilla m’gorilla
BoojaBooja Stuff in a tub – maple and pecan
Cheezly Greek style
Oatly Oat cream

Pure Soya spread
Sainsbury’s organic olive spread
Sojasun raspberry passion soya alternative to yogurt
Swedish Glace Neopolitan
Tofutti Creamy smooth original
Tofutti Mozzarella style
Tofutti non dairy frozen dessert – chocolate
Worthenshaw’s coconice strawberry frozen desert (in stock soon…!)

Barkat gluten-free waffle cones

3. Gluten-free breads and bread mixes

Beiker – Sandwich bread mix
Genius white bread
Glebe Farm – seeded brown bread mix
Dietary Specials – Fresh multi-seeded loaf
Gluten Free Kitchen – seeded loaf
Juvela – Fresh brown bread
Livwell – tear drop flat breads
Mrs Crimbles fresh white bread
Proceli – Brown seeded rolls
Tesco – pitta bread

4. Gluten-free pasta

Dietary Specials penne
Doves Farm brown rice spaghetti
Farabella cannelloni
Gluten Out tortellini
Juvela spaghetti
Juvela tagliatelli
Orgran multigrain fusilli with amaranth
Rizopia organic brown rice fusilli
Rizopia organic brown rice spaghetti
Tesco fusilli
Tesco spaghetti

5. Gluten-free pizza bases/mixes and pastry/pastry mixes

GFree rich shortcrust pastry
Glutafin multipurpose white mix – pastry
Gluten Free Kitchen shortcrust pastry
Juvela pizza base
Juvela white mix – pastry
Store Cupboard pizza base with rosemary
Tarte Maison ready to use pastry cases
Wellfoods pizza base

6. Gluten-free savoury pies, flans and ready meals

Brumby’s chicken and mushroom pie
Clive’s Pies – Aloo gobi
Clive’s Pies – Lentil and olive
Dietary Specials tagliatelle with bacon and mushrooms
Dietary Specials thin and crispy pepperoni pizza
Dietary Specials deep pan mozzarella and tomato
Intolerable Food Company green Thai vegetable curry
It’s a Free World fragrant Thai chicken curry
Sainsbury’s chicken Kiev
Sainsbury’s beef lasagne
Young’s Gluten free fish fingers

7. Gluten-free savoury biscuits and snacks

Barkat pretzels
Eskal pretzels
Glutafin crackers
Les Pain des Fleurs crunchy chestnut toast
Mrs Crimbles cheese crackers with sun-dried tomatoes
Nairns oatcakes
Nairns mini rough oatcakes
Paterson’s oatcakes
Trufree pretzels
Village Bakery oatcakes
Village Bakery seedy oatcakes

8. Gluten-free scones, sweet tarts, Bakewells, cake bars etc

Asda fruit teacakes
Asda chocolate brownies
Christine’s Puddings scones
Gluten Free Kitchen fruit scones
Honeybuns Heathcliff brownie
Honeyrose ultimate oat bar flapjack
Honeyrose pecan maple syrup flapjack
It’s Nut Free chocolate chip flapjack
It’s Nut Free refrigerator cake
Livwell sultana scones
Lovemore Free From Foods chocolate brownies
Mrs Crimble’s Bakewell slices
Orgran raspberry fruit filled biscuits
Tarte Maison Bakewell tart
Village Bakery chocolate orange brownies
Waitrose almond tart

9. Gluten-free sweet biscuits and cookies

Asda Belgian milk chocolate wafers
Baker’s Delight FreeTime
Eskal vanilla tea biscuits
Glutafin gran biscotti
Glutafin shortbread
Glutafin custard creams
Honeybuns honeyed apple cookies
Lazy Day Foods chocolate gingers
Lovemore Free From Foods chocolate chip cookies
Orgran dinosaur whole fruit cookies
Morrisons caramel shortbread
Mrs Crimbles’ chocolate macaroons
Prewetts ginger cookies
Prewetts jammy wheels
Prewetts sultana and apple cookies
Trubitz raison cookies
Trufree chocolate chip cookies
Waitrose cranberry and orange cookies

10. Gluten-free cakes, muffins, brownies and mixes

Asda almond slices
Beiker cup cakes
Droppa & Droppa Victoria sponge
Droppa & Droppa fruit cake
Glutafin – white mix
Gluten Free Goodies Victoria sponge
Gluten Free Goodies carrot cake
Gluten Free Kitchen ginger cake
Gluten Free Kitchen Victoria sponge
Healthy Cake Company lemon and coconut cake
Honeyrose Victoria sponge
Livwell Victoria sponge
Marks & Spencer cherry and chocolate cake
Morrison’s fruit cake slices
Pure Flavour lemon and vanilla sponge
Tesco Victoria sponge
Trubitz Victoria Sponge
Winona’s Midnight Sin

11. Gluten-free puddings, sweet pies, desserts, cheesecake

Barkat pancake mix
Christine’s Puddings chocolate pudding
Christine’s Puddings sticky toffee puddings
Gluten Free Goodies syrup sponge
Hunter’s sticky toffee puddings
Hunter’s chocolate fudge pudding
Intolerable Foods blueberry and almond tart
Intolerable Foods pecan and toffee tart
Lifestyle pecan tart
Mama Cucina strawberry cheesecake
Mama Cucina mango and passion fruit cheesecake
Morrison’s treacle tart
Morrison’s pancake mix
Mrs Crimble’s pancake mix
OK Foods treacle tart
Orgran apple and cinnamon pancake mix
Provamel vanilla dessert

12. Dairy/gluten-free chocolate and snack bars

Billy Goat Stuff half solid egg
Billy Goat Stuff 35% white chocolate
BoojaBooja champagne truffles
BoojaBooja Around midnight expresso truffles
BoojaBooja ginger wine truffles
BoojaBooja hazelnut crunch truffles
Bounce spirulina ginseng
Conscious sesame chews
D & D chocolate Easter egg
Dietary Needs Direct chocolate Easter egg
Fruitus fruit bites with blackberry
Fruitus chewy apricot bites
Kinnerton luxury chocolate bar
No Nuts Just Chocolate… 74% dark chocolate
Orgran fruit filled apricot bar
Orinoco coco minty munch bar
Plamil rum and raisin chocolate
Raw Living Be the Change

13. Dairy/gluten-free Christmas foods

Asda gf,wf Xmas pudding
Barkat gf,wf Xmas pudding
Coop nf, gf, wf Xmas pudding
Droppa & Droppa mince pies
Droppa & Droppa Xmas cake
Especially Delicious Xmas cupcakes
Gluten Free Goodies mince pies
Healthy Cake Company Xmas cake
It’s Nut Free mincemeat
M & S gf Xmas pudding
The Right Ingredient Xmas cake
The Right Ingredient boozy choc brownies
Trubitz mince pies
Trubitz Xmas pie

14. Nut-free in all the tastings

Coop nut-free, gluten-free, wheat-free Xmas pudding
It’s Nut Free mincemeat
No Nuts Just Chocolate… 74% dark chocolate
Orgran dinosaur cookies
Orgran multi-grain spirals with amaranth
Proceli bread rolls
Trubitz Xmas pie
Trubitz raisin cookies
Young’s fish fingers

15. Gluten-free beer

Estrall Damm – Estella Daura
Green’s – Premium Pils
Green’s – Premium Golden ABV
Hambleton Ales – GFA-ABV
La Zaragozana – Ambar Celiacos
St Peter’s Brewery – G-Free
Wold Top Brewery – Against the Grain

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