saffron spice threads and powder in vintage old sieve, old metal background, closeup

Saffron verses anti-depressants – Natures way of uplifting our mood

Many of us either take them ourselves or we know of someone who does, but antidepressant drugs seem to becoming more common than ever before. They are known to produce … Continue Reading →

Picture of Jackfruit growing in trees with the title, 'How to cook with tinned jackfruit'

How To Cook With Tinned Jackfruit

For those of you who haven’t tried Jackfruit yet then you are seriously missing out! The Jackfruit is a large fruit and close relative of the fig and breadfruit family. … Continue Reading →

plastic floating in the sea

Toxic free biodegradable plastic – hope for our planet

  If you were like any of us at Goodness Direct and sat down to watch BBC Blue planet II at the end of the last year, you’d agree that … Continue Reading →

Fun Dinner Party

Is it really Vegan? 13 Hidden things to watch out for

Going Vegan is exciting and somewhat daunting at the same time. You have eliminated the obvious; fish, dairy, meat and honey – but are you 100% sure everything is vegan? … Continue Reading →

Two bowls of salad with the title 12 nutritional tips for vegan january. Underneath this is a the Goodness Direct logo

12 Nutritional Tips for Vegan January

Are you a new vegan or are you thinking of going vegan January? Whether inspired for environmental reasons or by celebrities such as Ellen, Brad Pitt and Beyoncé, going vegan … Continue Reading →

Floating Leaf, Wild Rice and Your Health

Floating Leaf Designed to promote excellent health through healthy cuisine, Floating Leaf wild rice products can be likened to the floating leaf stage of the wild rice plant where the … Continue Reading →

10 Easy Health Tips – simple ways to improve overall wellbeing

Most of us are already aware that the human body needs good nutrition, sufficient hydration and enough sleep for it to recover and heal itself. Here are 10 simple and … Continue Reading →

St Dalfour – The ‘100% from fruit’ spread in a jar!

St Dalfour 100% Fruit Jam Preserves “It was at the end of the eighties when the very first jars of St Dalfour were introduced to the UK. These Fruit Spreads, … Continue Reading →

Oral Health – naturally safe and effective dental hygiene solutions

Poor dental hygiene doesn’t just affect our mouths, in fact studies have shown that neglecting oral health relates to other health issues like diabetes and heart disease. (1) If you’re thinking … Continue Reading →

Layered Lunches – the ultimate meal in a jar

Are you looking for a quick and easy meal idea for the summer months? Mason jar meals are perfect for a no-cook summer meal or grab n go lunch or … Continue Reading →

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