CBD oil from KIKI health

The new Hemp Oil range to GoodnessDirect

The CBD collection – rich in terpenes, the greatest variety of cannabinoids KIKI’s new CBD range uses whole plant extract that has been specifically chosen due to its high CBD … Continue Reading →

KIKI Health; introducing the new premium supplement range to our shelves.

We have added to our supplement range with another ethical brand, KIKI Health, who are dedicated to sharing the life-changing benefits of pure power foods. These are premium, high quality … Continue Reading →

Cleansing green juice with KIKI superfood powder as a booster

Introducing KIKI Health; food supplements to detox, cleanse and support a healthy diet.

We have just taken on a new range of supplements and superfoods from KIKI Health which we are all rather excited about! These are premium, high quality products without any fillers, … Continue Reading →

joyful carefree woman

Making sense of Probiotics – Choosing the right one for you

What is a Probiotic? In a world obsessed with being clean and sterile we can forget that not all bacteria’s are bad for us. As humans we are filled with … Continue Reading →

CBD oil

Making sense of Hemp Oil – What is it? And what is it used for?

Today we are looking into CBD oil rather then pure hemp oil. What is CBD oil and why has its popularity soared over the last 5 years?   Its ever-growing … Continue Reading →

Beautiful athletic woman jumping on a green meadow with a scarf

Are you lacking in Energy?

      It’s time to check in on your energy levels – is your life busy and stressful, either at work or chasing after the kids? No matter how … Continue Reading →

3 low fodmap recipes - simple and healthy

3 low FODMAP recipes – keeping it simple and healthy

For those of us suffering with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), following a diet low in FODMAPS (Fermented Oligosaccharides, Disacchardies, monosaccharides and polyols) can be massively helpful in reducing and pin pointing … Continue Reading →

saffron spice threads and powder in vintage old sieve, old metal background, closeup

Saffron versus anti-depressants – Natures way of uplifting our mood

Many of us either take them ourselves or we know of someone who does, but antidepressant drugs seem to becoming more common than ever before. They are known to produce … Continue Reading →

Picture of Jackfruit growing in trees with the title, 'How to cook with tinned jackfruit'

How To Cook With Tinned Jackfruit

For those of you who haven’t tried Jackfruit yet then you are seriously missing out! The Jackfruit is a large fruit and close relative of the fig and breadfruit family. … Continue Reading →

plastic floating in the sea

Toxic free biodegradable plastic – hope for our planet

  If you were like any of us at Goodness Direct and sat down to watch BBC Blue planet II at the end of the last year, you’d agree that … Continue Reading →

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