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Quorn isn't soya, nor is it TVP. Quorn is mycoprotein - a nutritious fungi, like mushrooms or truffles. Quorn is a source of high quality, purely vegetarian protein. It is naturally low in fat, with low calories, and high fibre. What's more Quorn has no cholesterol whatsoever. Quorn take mycoprotein and make from it this most fantastic range of tasty roasts, burgers, fillets, sausages and mince. The texture is good, the taste is good, the nutrition is good. A recommended range.


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Quorn Burgers 200g Quorn Burgers 200g
4 Burgers made from quorn.
Frozen Our Price £2.16 (£1.08 per 100g)  

Quorn Pieces 300g Quorn Pieces 300g
Succulent Quorn pieces made from mushroom protein
Frozen Our Price £3.21 (£1.07 per 100g)  

Quorn Sausages 336g Quorn Sausages 336g
Frozen Our Price £2.65 (£0.79 per 100g)  
Healthy, Free From, Eco, Organic
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