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You may find the gluten free shopping which you are looking for in these suggested categories but this selection has been made from the labels of the product and we do ask that you check the ingredients before consumption as recipes change from time to time.

Is Gluten Hiding in Your Food?

Eating a gluten free diet is relatively easy these days, with such an amazing selection of gluten free food to choose from. There are a number of naturally gluten free foods: fruit, vegetables, rice, potatoes, dairy products, fish, meat, eggs, corn, maize, polenta, nuts and salads. However, you should watch out for foods where gluten may be hiding, such as bread, pasta, spelt, couscous, breakfast cereals, malt vinegar, some soya sauces, wheat germ oil, cooking oil, beer, liquorice and so much more. Did you get any surprises there?

Gluten Free Foods and Alternatives

Baked goods are often the most difficult things for coeliacs to replace in their gluten free diet as they are staple UK foods. However, there is now a great choice of gluten free bread and baked products (such as pies, pasties and pizzas), as well as the more exotic and unusual foods, sauces and condiments. Therefore, you neednít go without your favourite foods when you come to our online gluten free shop as we are dedicated to providing the highest quality gluten free products on the market and have literally hundreds of foods to choose from. Plus products like Xanthan gum and other gluten free baking aids which can help you get the same texture in your gluten free recipes as when baking with normal flour. As a coeliac, you neednít go without anything at all.

Gluten Free

Oats and Gluten Free Shopping

Oats do contain gluten although it is not detectable by the same tests as for the other grains. In general it is the issue of cross contamination which put oats on the 'unsuitable for those on a gluten free diet' list. For these reasons coeliacs avoid oats although one or two can tolerate them. This variation can be true of gluten intolerance or gluten allergy in general, gluten sensitivity can vary enormously from person to person. Oats in our gluten free shop have been tested and declared gluten free.

So, if you are looking for the very best gluten free food which is competitive both in taste and price, then we recommend you come to us here at GoodnessDirect Ė one of the UKís most popular health foods retailers.

NarrowRemember that once you have selected 'gluten free', to narrow your search you will no longer see any other products other than those marked gluten free. This may not be a problem, but just to remind you that we only mark as gluten free relevant products and so general groceries, rice, fruit & veg etc. may not be labelled even though they have no gluten content.

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