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Why should I consider going dairy-free?

The term 'dairy-free' is generally used to describe a diet that avoids cow’s milk and products made from it including cheeses, yoghurts, cream, crème fraiche, buttermilk and all the milks. You will want to avoid cow's milk and go "dairy free" if you are vegan or have other dietary preferences, or you may have dietary intolerances and allergies which mean you want to steer clear of dairy products too. However, there is still a wide range of non-dairy products available, including dairy free desserts and dairy free chocolate, so you don’t need to miss out on the foods and drinks you love.

What has avoiding dairy to do with allergies and intolerances, eczema & asthma?

Cow's milk is made up of various proteins and sugars. Some of us find the proteins difficult to digest, whilst others are lactose intolerant, meaning they are intolerant to the sugars (lactose) in the dairy. In these cases, dairy free foods would be preferable. Others choose a dairy free diet as it has been seen to help ease the symptoms of asthma and eczema, especially in children as well other conditions, such as IBS, other stomach discomforts and high cholesterol.

Does dairy free include goat's milk too?

Just a note about goat’s milk - although goat's milk has a very similar protein and sugar make up as cow's milk, some people who found discomfort with cow’s milk are fine with goat's milk but we have not included goat’s milk in our dairy free products.

If I follow a dairy free diet, how will I get enough calcium?

If you are eliminating milk from your diet you may want to top up on calcium from other food groups. Dairy free food like blackstrap molasses, sesame seeds, nuts (especially almonds) are all great sources of calcium.

Remember that once you have selected ‘dairy free’ to narrow your search you will no longer see any other products other than those marked dairy free. This may not be a problem but just to remind you that we only mark as dairy free relevant products, such as dairy free chocolate and dairy free desserts; general groceries, fruit & veg and superfoods etc may not be labelled even though they have no dairy content. Please widen your search to include all dairy free products and browse through our complete selection of organic food.

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