MicrOrganics Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina Powder 225g

MicrOrganics Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina Powder 225g

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Spirulina Pacifica Powder. A rich source of beta carotene, GLA (Gamma linolenic acid) and organic iron.

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Spirulina is a food and so can be taken in relatively large amounts when needed. Take at least 1 tsp per day taken as needed, and it is safe to increase this up to 3 times as required. Especially beneficial when extra energy is needed or food is lacking. Light sleepers may find that the energising effect inhibits sleep, so avoid taking late evening.


Spirulina Pacifica.

Nutritional Information

per 3g:
Energy 46kJ/11kcal, Protein 1.8g, Fat 0.18g, Carbohydrate 0.57g (of which sugars 0.004g), Sodium 21.9mg, Potassium 45.6mg, Iron 3.3mg, Beta Carotene 12mg, Total Carotenoids 16mg, GLA (Linolenic) 33.6mg.

Other Information

From Hawaii, the world's most potent strain of this great superfood. Spirulina is easily digested and contains an amazing array of over 100 nutrients including vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Soya Free.

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Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free, Yeast Free

Customer reviews - MicrOrganics Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina Powder 225g


Moreish! - Fri 20th May 2011

I tried this size of spirulina but found that it's so good that I get through it too quickly, so I now buy the kilo tub. Amazing taste, the best I've tried. Highly recommended for spirulina fans.

Reviewer's Name: Anna K

- Sun 31st Jul 2011

I've tried every leading brand, but I have to say that my favourite is this brand of spirulina from Hawaii, you can taste the difference. In fact I eat this more for the taste than the nutrient content! Other ones I've tried either taste overbearingly strong, or rancid.

Reviewer's Name: Anna

Good but didn - Mon 25th Nov 2013

I have been taking Spirulina for a long time now and it is an excellent supplement, however whilst this was good, it didn't stir in to juice very well, leaving you with lumpy bits.

Reviewer's Name: Mrs Jessica Williams

- Sat 15th Mar 2014

If you're a Raw food junkie, like me, Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina comes out top on the Raw food pyramid.
For the vast array of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and more, it is great value for money.

Reviewer's Name: Domenico Balasco

- Sun 15th Mar 2015

Great spirulina, from a great company. My favourite type

Reviewer's Name: Lawrence Rook

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