Everfresh Organic Sprouted Wheat Bread 400g

Everfresh Organic Sprouted Wheat Bread 400g

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No added yeast, fats, eggs or dairy products.

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Product Details

Serving Suggestion

Slice with a sharp serrated knife as it is or spread with butter, jam, cheese etc. Can also be toasted.


Sprouted Whole Organic Wheat (100%).

Nutritional Information

Per 100g. Energy 783kJ(187Kcals), Protein 10.3g, Carbohydrate 47.0g,Fat 0.8g,

Other Information

The unique moist richness & natural sweetness of Sunnyvale Organic Sprouted Wheat Bread is achieved by a special sprouting process using the finest, specially selected grains and pure filtered water.

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Yeast Free

Customer reviews - Everfresh Organic Sprouted Wheat Bread 400g


sprouted wheat bread - Thu 11th Oct 2007

The best flavour ever, super taste, great texture not to be missed!

Reviewer's Name: karen

Organic Sprouted wheat Bread - Sat 10th Jan 2009

Having had most of the selection of these sprouted wheat breads I think they are fantastic very filling, you only have to eat 2-3 slices. They go with veggie burgers, salads and other fillings I won't be going back to any other type of bread. Wonderful

Reviewer's Name: stella Hudson

organic sprouted wheat bread - Tue 29th Dec 2009

I was in Israel and found a health food store which carried this bread. I needed something to eat on the flight home so I bought it. That was the best bread of its kind I have ever eaten. It got me home in good shape with none left to spare. I plan on purchasing more locally and will encourage local vendors to supply it. Thank you.

Reviewer's Name: Chiyah

Wonderful Divine good bread! - Fri 3rd Dec 2010

It is the taste and the massive texture of bread, I longed for my whole life. I hate modern "bread" in plastic bags with refined wheat flour, preservatives and other debris. Mat's life. Food is health. This is so right! Many Thanks

From Antikladan in Lilla Edet, Sweden

Reviewer's Name: Antikladan from Sweden

- Fri 3rd Jun 2011

A sweet and filling bread with flavour at its best when slightly moist. Infact the other sprouted breads from this company are just as tasy too, highly recommended. :)

Reviewer's Name: Mrs c p Fay

- Thu 19th Jan 2012

We just tried this bread for the first time and found it quite pleasant. We have been looking for a healthier alternative to yeast-risen breads and it seems this just might do the trick, at least for toast. It really needs to be toasted to be enjoyable, we think.

Reviewer's Name: MRS Karen Game

- Tue 3rd Jul 2012

Fantastic bread, healthy, it tastes absolutely delicious. Superfast delivery...can't fault it.

Reviewer's Name: Antoaneta Georgescu

- Mon 13th Aug 2012

This was very good, spongy like a cake and quite sweet, for a sugar-free diet it makes a nice little snack.

Reviewer's Name: G

Delicious Bread - Fri 20th Sep 2013

Beautiful and tasty on its own with butter/ peanut butter or toasted/grilled/fried with any topping or as a sandwich with a desired filling herb/spices and eaten with salad, soup, curries, daal/lentils, broth/stew - just delicious.

Reviewer's Name: Lalita B

First time I tried - Tue 2nd Sep 2014

This is the first time I have tried a sprouted grain product. When I tried I was really surprised. It tastes a lot better than it looks. I thought it looked quite dry but it was really quite moist. Quite a nice nutty flavour. I really enjoyed it with some home made humus.

Reviewer's Name: Bethany Anderson


organic sprouted wheatbread - Wed 7th Oct 2009

This yeast-free bread is delicious and excellent for the health (star rating 5), PROVIDED that the moisture (water) content is LOW. I just bought some bread with a best before date of 07 July 2010; this happens to be a batch which is too moist and, as a result, BAD for the health (star rating 0).

Reviewer's Name: Mrs Aloka Chaudhuri

Try... - Mon 18th Jun 2012

Try topping with cashew butter, banana and maple syrup.

Reviewer's Name: Susan

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Healthy, Free From, Eco, Organic
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