Prewett's No Salt 100g

Prewett's No Salt 100g

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No salt salt substitite... all the flavour of salt with less than 0.0004g of sodium per serving.

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Potassium chloride, l-lysine mono hydrochloride, flavour enhancer (glutamic acid), stabiliser (monopotassium tartate), anti caking agent (silicon dioxide).

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:
Energy less than 42kJ/less than 10kcal, Protein 0g, Carbohydrate 0g (of which sugars 0g), Fat 0g (of which saturates 0g), Fibre 0g, Sodium less than 0.04g


Elderly people and people with adrenal insufficiency, acidosis, insulin deficiency and/or serious kidney or heart conditions should consult their doctor before using this product. Not suitable for infants.


Customer reviews - Prewett's No Salt 100g


Great alternative - Thu 29th Oct 2009
For those of us who can't have salt this is a godsend. After going through every herb & spice to try & get some flavour akin to salt, nothing mimicked it. But every now & then a product comes along that is actually exactly what it claims to be. When I first got this I sprinkled a little into my hand & licked it... yes it tastes like salt!! Yippee! Not quite as strong as the real thing, but you wont find a better alternative to satisy your salt cravings! I wont be without it. Worth every penny.
Reviewer's Name: carol

Salt substitute - Thu 2nd May 2013
I love this product but have been unable to get it for months have they stopped doing it?
Reviewer's Name: Mrs Diane Wotton

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