Meridian Refined Grapeseed Oil  500ml

Meridian Refined Grapeseed Oil 500ml

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Grapeseed oil, also called grape seed oil or grape oil, is light in flavour and texture, low in saturated fats.

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Product Details

Grapeseed oil is a vegetable oil pressed from the seeds of grapes, an abundant by-products of wine making. Grape seed oil is suitable for all culinary purposes and particularly good to blend with unrefined nut oils in salad dressings, great for marinades and also for deep frying. It is a smooth oil that makes a great massage oil as it is smooth in texture and is easily absorbed by the skin. It is recommended for use on skin, hair and lips to moisten and moisturise. Grapeseed oil is a great carrier oil for aromatherapy massage.


Grapeseed oil has a relatively high smoke point and so can safely be used for frying, stir frys etc. Grapeseed is a light oil and is a good choice for general cuisine as its nutty taste can enhance savoury dishes. As grapeseed oil is a light oil not much is needed in cooking, this makes it the oil of choice for those following a low fat diet. Grapeseed oil is used in many cosmetics as it can help the skin retain the normal cell structure. It can be used as an all over moisturiser and can be used on stretchmarks. Grapeseed oil contains more linoleic acid than many other carrier oils.


100% Grapeseed oil

Nutritional Information

Typical Values Per 100g:
Energy 3696kJ, 899kcal, Protein: 0g Carbohydrate: 0g, Fat 99.9g, Sodium, trace


Made in a factory that uses nut ingredients

Other Information

Grapeseed oil is well known for being a non-greasy massage oil ideal for both aromatherapy and culinary use. It is a finer oil than sweet almond oil and more easily absorbed. Grapeseed oil is water dispersible and so can be used as a bath oil too. An ideal oil for those with allergies to nuts or sesame seeds.

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Soya Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Yeast Free

Customer reviews - Meridian Refined Grapeseed Oil 500ml


Very nice - Wed 26th Dec 2012

I love this oil, and tend to use it in dishes in which I've added fruit just as fruits curries and soups or anything with coconut milk. It has a mellow flavour which works well with other cooked fruit. As it's refined I don't cook it on the heat, rather I add it once the food has been cooked and the pot/pan left on the cooling hob - that and the heat of the food once cooked takes the oil in well so it's really a 'top-up' oil for me.

- Thu 7th Nov 2013

This is a lovely light oil, not only good for using on salads and making dressings but also great for the skin and hair.

A - Thu 22nd Jan 2015

Grapeseed oil is one of my favourites for sweet dishes - this particular one doesn't have much of a taste on its own but really brings out the flavours well in whatever it is you are cooking.

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