Community Foods Vegetable Suet 250g

Community Foods Vegetable Suet 250g

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Non-Hydrogenated, vegetable suet

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Vegetable suet is suitable for those following a dairy free diet, vegetarians and vegans. ideal to make tasty dumplings, or suet pastry.


Palm oil, Sunflower oil, Rice Flour


May contain traces of gluten

Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Community Foods Vegetable Suet 250g


- Thu 10th Nov 2011

Gluten free, non-hydrogenated veggie suet for the occasional steamed pudding or dumplings in a winter stew. Just wish it was organic.

Reviewer's Name: A Customer

Hard to find product! - Sun 4th Nov 2012

Whilst it's easy to find veggie suet, finding gluten free and veggie suet is challenging. This is essential in making your own mincemeat

200g veggie suet
1 kilo dried mixed fruit (choose your favourite!)
Juice and Zest of two oranges and 2 lemons
4 peeled and grated cooking apples
350g demerara sugar
2 tsp mixed spice
1 tsp nutmeg
300 ml brandy or whisky (or your booze of choice - I have made with ginger wine, orange liquor and jack daniels before!)

Stir together and put into steralised jars (that's right, no cooking required!). Make one month in advance, but can be kept for years

Reviewer's Name: Rebecca

- Fri 28th Dec 2012

FIVE STARS!!! I am SO impressed with this suet! It is so difficult to find truly gluten free suet: and vegetarian kinds don't typically yield great results! This is an exception! I made the most fantastic mincemeat pie with it both the crust and mincemeat and it is absolutely perfect made the most fantastic pastry!!! I like it better than butter and will be buying this again and again!

Reviewer's Name: Paul Richardson

- Mon 31st Dec 2012

I am very impressed with this suet!! It is extremely hard to find gluten-free suet, let alone one that is vegetarian-it works astoundingly well and I was able to make a brilliant mincemeat pie this year. I actually like it better than butter in my pastry crust too and will be buying it again for its versatility! Fantastic product!

Reviewer's Name: Paul Richardson

Great results - Thu 17th Jan 2013

This worked great in a steamed leek and ham pudding. Wholesome winter food!

Reviewer's Name: Mrs V Wells

vegetable suet - Tue 16th Apr 2013

Fabulous! Makes fantastic dumplings and suet puddings. Will definitely be buying lots more.

Reviewer's Name: Claire Elaine Jakins

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Healthy, Free From, Eco, Organic
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