Humdinger Dairy Free Buttons 25g

Humdinger Dairy Free Buttons 25g

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Dairy free chocolate buttons great for home baking or a treat.

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More about Humdinger Dairy Free Buttons

Dairy free chocolate buttons have a smooth chocolate taste but unlike dairy milk chocolate 'dairy free' buttons have no dairy ingredients or malt and so are free from lactose, gluten and cholesterol - ideal for lunch boxes and home baking.


Cane sugar, cocoa butter (20%), soya flour (20%), cocoa mass (11%), maltodextrin (from maize), inulin, emulsifiers (sunflower lecithin, E476), flavouring (derived from natural sources).

Nutritional Information

Typical values Per 100g:
Energy 2176kJ/522kcal, Protein 7.9g, Carbohydrate 49.8g (of which sugars 42.4g), Fat 31.1g (of which saturates 16.1g, of which cholesterol less than 0.005g), Fibre 6.0g, Sodium trace


Allergens: Contains soya

Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Humdinger Dairy Free Buttons 25g


fab dairy free chocolate - Tue 4th Mar 2008

These are the most fantastic dairy free chocolate and definatley get the thumbs up from my little girl who can now have buttons like her brothers

dairy free buttons - Sat 5th Apr 2008

The best dairy free chocolate there is for 8 year olds! My daughter had felt left out, but now no longer - she loves them. I'm now going to buy it bulk!!!

choc buttons - Wed 14th Apr 2010

These are brilliant, my 3 year old has been having them for ages and now my 2 year old has just been put on a dairy free diet and he loves them too. Just can't seem to find enough to keep them happy in anyone place until I came across this site

buttons - Sat 16th Oct 2010

My 1 year old will not eat them yet as she never had chocolate before, she just plays with them. So I tasted them, they taste great for something without milk.

Not just for children - Wed 20th Oct 2010

Having read the other reviews, I wanted to say these are not just for children. Dairy free chocolate is hard to find and normally comes in bars, which will often result in me eating the whole bar in one go. Whereas these buttons are an ideal size for that chocolate fix!

- Thu 21st Oct 2010

The perfect treat for my youngest who has a dairy intollerance and is starting to notice when her older sister gets chocolate. Before we found out she had an intollerance she refused to eat chocolate, but loves these.

- Wed 4th Jan 2012

Lovely smooth texture, very similar to milk chocolate to my taste buds! Only problem is that the packs are a bit small...

Moorish! - Sun 5th May 2013

These are so tasty they're addictive, such a nostalgic treat to have for a vegan who used to have chocolate buttons as a child. I find these to be just as tempting and they melt in the mouth - it's luck they come in a small packet otherwise it would be easy to eat too many!

Great! - Mon 13th May 2013

Like with the white chocolate bottoms, these are also great tasting and better than most dairy chocolate!

- Tue 24th Sep 2013

Love these, A great smooth chocolate alternative, very tasty also great for decorating Vegan cakes.

Great treat! - Mon 14th Oct 2013

Who doesn't love these? Everyone I've offered these to likes them and can barely tell the difference between supermarket dairy brands. I'd personally say the only difference is that they're not sickeningly sweet and actually taste/feel like chocolate rather than mainly processed sugar/milk with a bit of cacao thrown in for the colour. These are chocolate buttons that are actually chocolate.

- Wed 13th Nov 2013

These are tasty treats for the kids, although I've sneaked a few from the packet myself. Really taste like milk chocolate.

- Fri 9th May 2014

Good milky buttons alternative.

Dairy free buttons of happiness! 😊 - Fri 30th Oct 2015

Perfect to have around for a real treat once in a while. Little ones will love them just as much as the dairy version. Lovely size bags with just enough in that hits the spot but also leaves you looking forward to the next time you'll treat yourself. I prefer these to any posh dairy free chocolates. I'm a fan of good dark chocolate also but it is nice to taste that classic milk chocolate flavour many of us grew up with. Highly recommended. Go on treat yourself!

- Sat 28th May 2016

The best dairy free chocolate I have found, suitable as a treat for adults as well as children

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