Kraft Vegemite 220g

Kraft Vegemite 220g

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Concentrated Yeast Extract

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More about Kraft Vegemite

Vegemite is a fantastic great version of yeast extract with very distinctive delicious taste. VEGEMITE spread is virtually fat-free, with a mere 40kJ in a 5g serve, and is the perfect accompaniment for a wholesome, breakfast, lunch or snack, spread contains no artificial colours or flavours, and has absolutely no added sugar. Yeast extract gives us lots of health benifits to our healthy lifestyle such as: rich source of B vitamins, B vitamins are all involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins into usable energy, but some are also important for digestion, immunity and red blood cell production within bone marrow. And other great health beifits.


Yeast extract, sea salt.

Nutritional Information

per 5g: Energy 40kJ/9.5, protein 1.3g, fat les than 1%(of wich saturates less than 1%), carbohydrates less than 1%(of wich sugars less than 1g), sodium 173mg, niacin 2500µg, thiamine 550µg, riboflavin 430µg, folate 100µg


Customer reviews - Kraft Vegemite 220g


- Thu 31st Oct 2013

We have stopped buying Vegemite, they say it hasn't changed but it has, it has lost a lot of it's delicious qualities, is lighter in colour and less thick. Why do companies do this?

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