Juniper Berries  1kg

Juniper Berries 1kg

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The edible fruit of the juniper tree(Juniperus communis)

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Serving Suggestion

These deep blue berries are mainly used to season meat or game dishes and vegetable dishes. You can add to marinades and sauces. Great with garlic and aromatic herbs. They can be used whole or crushed and may also be removed from the food after cooking.


Just Juniper berries and nothing else.

Other Information

The Juniper is a small shrub, 4 to 6 feet high, widely distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere. It is a common shrub growing where bands of limestone occur. Its berries, female cones more closely related to pine cones than to fruit, are used commercially for the preparation of gin and essential oil.


Customer reviews - Juniper Berries 1kg


Try... - Thu 14th Jun 2012

Try poaching pears in red wine and fresh orange juice with brown sugar and crushed juniper berries.

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