Birt & Tang Detox Tea  50b

Birt & Tang Detox Tea 50b

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Blends green tea with dandelion, milk thistle and violet to help you cope with life in today's environment.

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Birt & Tang makes tea which draw on thousands of years of tradition to bring you new taste experiences.
Their blends use naturally grown herbs sourced from all over China. For many centuries, these useful plants have been part of the fabric of Chinese life. they feature in the earliest literature of the country's past, and they can still be found in every home.
Now Birt & Tang is bringing the wealth of this unique inheritance to the world.


Green tea, violet, dandelion, milk thistle, spple, ginger, clove, fennel, liquorice.

Customer reviews - Birt & Tang Detox Tea 50b


Detox delight - Wed 20th May 2015

I have a cup of this in the morning to kick start my day. Look at the ingredients; far more than your average 'detox' tea which is usually a bit of dandelion and liquorice

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