Clearspot Organic Sea Cakes (2 Pack) 190g

Clearspot Organic Sea Cakes (2 Pack) 190g

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Made with tofu and seaweed, with a little smoke added, this is an interesting blend of East and West.

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Serving Suggestion

Can be eaten hot or cold.


Tofu (water, soya beans, nigari), smoked tofu (water, soya beans, salt), kelp powder, reconstituted arame sea vegetable, sea salt.

Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100g:
Energy 463.3kJ/110.1, Protein 12.7g, Carbohydrates 6.5g, Fat 3.7g.

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free, Yeast Free

Customer reviews - Clearspot Organic Sea Cakes (2 Pack) 190g


Not for cold eating - Tue 3rd Apr 2012

The directions suggest that this is a good eaten cold as hot, but I tend to disagree. It doesn't have the firm consistency of other brands that actually do taste good cold. This product is soft and moist - probably about right for cooking, but certainly not a great thing for a cold recipe.

Reviewer's Name: Mrs D L

- Sun 7th Oct 2012

I love these sea cakes. Lovely with chips to get a taste of the sea while others have fish. Tofu & seaweed so good for you too.

Reviewer's Name: mrs s wright

Too good to be true - Thu 15th Nov 2012

Just delicious - naturally a great all purpose food for all occasions.

Reviewer's Name: Lalita B

Wholesome and Moreish - Thu 3rd Jan 2013

I had these shallow fried for my lunch with some brown rice and steamed greens. These are dense little tofu based cakes subtly flavoured with smoked tofu and arame seaweed. Great texture, nice and firm, not too crumbly. When fried, the cakes become nicely browned and crispy on the outside without absorbing much oil or tasting greasy. As they are quite chunky (and filling) they will need a little longer than a thinner patty so I turned them a couple of times. I would probably prefer them to have been slightly more seasoned, but a light drizzle of soy sauce made them perfect. Surprisingly moreish, will buy again.

Reviewer's Name: Stephen Mitchell

- Thu 7th Feb 2013

Great stuff, a nutritious taste of the sea without worrying about pollution or overfishing.

Reviewer's Name: Pianoman

Vegetarian burger - Sat 18th May 2013

A new and tasty way to enjoy tofu. Great alternative for vegetarians to have these in a burger bun with some guacamole or preferred seasoning. Love the smoked flavor.

Reviewer's Name: Miss F Brewster

Acquired taste - Fri 5th Jul 2013

I am still undecided as to whether I liked them or not - an acquired taste I think

Reviewer's Name: Susan Baird

More more more! - Tue 9th Jul 2013

Oh these taste absolutely wonderful, so gorgeous. I love the smoked taste with the sea veg taste - tofu at its best. This is so good I couldn't bring myself to share them!

Reviewer's Name: D BISALA

Smoked tofu! - Thu 12th Dec 2013

These just taste like smoked tofu to me. Tried them sliced and fried as sausage substitutes for breakfast - not very appealing. Then had them as a lunch/dinner item to go with roast spud, veg and gravy - nice. Good chewy texture. They need added flavour, and the gravy did it.

Reviewer's Name: Ms Vivien J Pomfrey

- Fri 31st Jan 2014

I was fed these at my friends and am now adding them to my basket, they were really nice, just the right size, tasted of seaweed, but not overpowering. I'm going to try these on the younger members of the family.

Reviewer's Name: lorna wallace

- Tue 18th Feb 2014

Pleasantly surprised! Was unsure about the seaweed but it works

Reviewer's Name: Rebecca Garner

So yummy! - Mon 12th May 2014

So tasty and flavourful, nothing like anything I've tried before!

Reviewer's Name: Emily-Jane Rookley

A little bland but still nice - Tue 12th Aug 2014

Mild smokey flavour. Goes nice with a little bit of soy sauce

Reviewer's Name: Alison Shine

Glad I tried them, unsure if I - Sat 15th Nov 2014

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the smell of seaweed/fish is probably the first thing noticeable about the seacakes. Easy to cook/heat up, however, and with one I decided to break the cake apart and serve it up as a seaweed-y version of scrambled egg with baked beans which was rather tasty.

Reviewer's Name: Miss Michelle Dunbar

Liked real fish? You - Thu 12th Mar 2015

Don't want to leave a star rating as I think that would be unfair, we didn't like them personally because it freaked us out a bit but if you liked real fish I think these would be a real hit!
I'm Vegan, boyfriend is Vegetarian, we personally found these to be too much like 'real fish' (from what I can remember anyway, been years since I ate real fish!). I think the best way to describe it is when you can 'taste' a smell, I find being around fish unbearable for that reason so these were a bit overpowering for me.

Reviewer's Name: L.DENNIS

- Sun 15th Mar 2015

A really great snack. Definitely try this!

Reviewer's Name: Lawrence Rook

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