Clearspring Ume Plum Seasoning   150ml

Clearspring Ume Plum Seasoning 150ml

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A zesty alternative to vinegar

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Japanese ume plums (83%), sea salt (16%), red shiso (perilla) leaves (1%).

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Ume plum seasoning is the tangy red juice drawn from the kegs of mature umeboshi (Japanese ume plums pickled with the vivid red leaves of the shiso herb). A versatile, zesty seasoning that is convenient and easy to use, Ume Plum Seasoning adds refreshing flavour and goodness to many foods, including salad dressings, cooked vegetables, homemade quick pickles and colourful and creamy tofu dips and spreads. It goes especially well with members of the cabbage family. Just sprinkle a little on after cooking, toss and serve. A few drops mixed with chilled sparkling water also makes a refreshing drink. Note that when substituting this seasoning for vinegar, you should reduce or eliminate the salt in the recipe.

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Dairy Free, Egg Free, Lactose Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Clearspring Ume Plum Seasoning 150ml


- Tue 10th Jan 2012

An interesting sweet / sour taste which works very well in Asian-style salad dressings, or just add straight up to salads for a tangy taste. For dressing, shake-up in a jar the following:
1 tbsp Ume Plum Vinegar, 2 tbsp Grapeseed Oil, 1 tbsp White Wine Vinegar, 1 tbsp Toasted Sesame Oil, 1 shallot, sliced finely, 1 small crushed clove of garlic, splash of tamari/liquid aminos.


Ume plum seasoning - Mon 11th Oct 2010

Sometimes called umeboshi vinegar, this is really a condiment, and a delicious one too. You can use it -sparingly- on hot or cold dishes alike, and it will always bring out the flavours. I especially like it with pulses. It has many health benefits (see 'Umeboshi plum')

Ume Plum Seasoning - Sun 23rd Feb 2014

Clearspring's Ume plum seasonig is one of the most useful things you could have in your fridge.
In Japan, ume is not only used as a food, but also for medicinal purpose such as neutralize stomach upsets, nausea or airsickness.
The juice of Ume plum seasoning is the left over from pickling ume plums, so it should have a similar effect as ume plum itself.
This may be substituted for salt or lemon in many recipes. Used for sauses, dressings and seasoning and making pickles.
It gives beautiful colour and adds beauty to the meal.
I always have one bottle of Clearspring's Ume Plum seasoning in my fridge and one spare in my cupboard!

Zingy taste - Mon 18th Aug 2014

If you want to add something a bit different to your salads, then give this a try

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