Simon Weaver Organic Blue Veined Brie 300g

Simon Weaver Organic Blue Veined Brie 300g

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This cheese has a soft centre when left at room temperature and a delicious clean, fresh taste.
Although not pungent the cheese develops more flavour as it ages.

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Simon Weaver Organic Cheeses are made on our farm near Upper Slaughter in the Cotsworlds
All the milk comes directly from their own cows each morning and travels only 5 yards to the creamery and that freshness is reflected in the clean taste of the cheese.

Simon Weaver's customer-base is diverse, from wholesalers and independent retail outlets.

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The herbs have been selected to give a delicate taste that compliments the cheeses flavours rather than overpowering them.

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Organic, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Simon Weaver Organic Blue Veined Brie 300g


Taste - Fri 11th Sep 2015

Absolutely gorgeous cheese. At its best if served at room temperature on a warm day, as it oozes. Would recommend warming through, if it's a cold day.

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