Goodness Organic Wheat Grain 3kg

Goodness Organic Wheat Grain 3kg

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This grain is high in protein and ideal for breadmaking. This organic wheat grain would be great milled at home to make bread or many other uses. This is a high quality millers wheat blend including imported grain to achieve a high protein blend.

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Serving Suggestion

Wheat kernels may be cooked and eaten whole.

Cooking Instructions

Use 3 cups of hot water to every cup of wheat kernels. Presoaking over night will reduce the cooking time by half. Cook for approx 30 mins if presoaked or 45 mins if not. One cup of dry kernels will yield approx 2-3 cups of cooked plump kernels.


Just wheat grain and nothing else


Packed on a line which also handles peanuts, nuts, sesame, soya, milk, sulphur dioxide and cereals containing gluten.'

Other Information

Wheat is a member of the grass family and produces a dry one- seeded fruit, commonly known as a grain or kernel. The whole grain has still got the fibre rich outer layer intact, known as the bran. This course outer layer is also rich in nutrients such as B vitamins in particular.

Organic, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Goodness Organic Wheat Grain 3kg


- Thu 13th May 2010

Chewy nutty hard wheat grain. Great for soaking, sprouting and making in to living breads and crackers. I haven't tried cooking them, but I am sure they would be delicious.

- Thu 5th Jul 2012

Great for sprouting and a nice big bag. Lasts a long time.

- Wed 17th Apr 2013

Great product, use it to make wheat sprouts and thereafter rejuvelac and raw breads. Useful being able to buy bulk bag

Wonderful Wheat Berries - Fri 26th Jul 2013

These are really cheap for the quantity - there's loads of them, and they're organic!

I'd never had wheat grains before but based on the low price decided to chance it, and it was worth doing so. My partner, who isn't a fan of brown rice or indeed of wholefoods in general, really liked these when I cooked them up in a lunch dish for us and said he would happily eat them again, which was a pleasant surprise to me.

When cooked they have a delightful chewy nuttiness and despite being un-hulled there is no 'bittiness' or husk to get caught in your teeth!

Use to form the basis of a hearty salad, cook up in a tasty vegetable pilaf, or with honey and dried fruit for a satisfying breakfast dish. If you try researching recipes online also using the American term 'Wheat Berry', you will find lots more ideas.

- Mon 5th Aug 2013

I bought this for sprouting/ growing in trays for juicing. It produces a reasonable wheat grass that is suitable for juicing. It is best transferred to an airtight container after opening to maintain freshness.

- Mon 25th Aug 2014

Lovely for salad and great for a change to rice

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