Vegan cheesecake never tasted so good

When was the last time you had tasted an unforgettable good cheesecake?

Sadly, if you’re vegan, possibly not in a long while?

So I hope I don’t make you jealous if I tell you I’ve tasted one of the finest of UK cheesecakes – and it’s vegan.

Shambhu cheesecake

The nicest vegan cheesecake I’ve had the pleasure to eat

Shambhu’s make a variety of vegan cheesecake flavours including lemon and coconut, orange and chocolate, mint choc chip and mixed berry.

The secret of their great taste is in the chef’s mixed tropical heritage. A vegetarian from birth, Nishma Shah has discovered how to make a wonderfully soft vegan cheesecake topping using a variety of plant based ingredients. The cheesecakes themselves are cool and creamy with just the right touch of tangy flavour to delight even the most cynical palate.

If you miss your cheesecake, and have a dairy free or even a gluten free diet, then Shambhu’s have a dessert that I think could take you to paradise.

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