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Save our fish! says EU commissioner

Sustainable fishing means more varieties of fish on your plate.

This is breaking news.

Today the EU is suggesting new laws to limit catches to sustainable levels by 2015.

This could mean that there are more varieties of fish made widely available in the UK, just as there used to be. More types of fish for customers means that the stocks of endangered fish won’t decrease so quickly.

“We cannot afford business as usual any more because the stocks are really collapsing…” says EU commissioner, Maria Damanaki. “Our children will have fish!”

It’s good for the fishermen who currently have to throw back roughly half the fish they catch because they have filled their quota or there is no market for the fish. They will now have to bring in all the fish they catch. And supermarkets are already beginning to push the sale of more varieties of fish in an effort to widen the expectations of the consumer beyond cod, mackerel and tuna.

This is a great step forward for Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and the Fish-Fight campaign which has been highlighting the depressing number of dead fish which are discarded as unwanted.

The seafood producers, Fish4Ever, (pioneers of the sustainable fishing movement) are celebrating the proposed legislation. They remain an excellent source of sustainable tuna, anchovies, herring and sardines.

However, there is further to go, businesses are worried that the laws will allow bigger fishing businesses to bully the small fishermen and environmental campaigners are warning that the legislation will not move fast enough to make fishing sustainable.

Beauty soap brings out the best in you (and everyone else)

We believe

    …that luxury bodycare is about more than gorgeous products and great packaging, and should be honestly priced.

    …in creating gorgeous products full of natural ingredients rather than synthetic nasties such as parabens and sulphates.

    …that great packaging looks even better when it’s sustainably sourced, and in making our products in the UK.

    …that treating ourselves feels even better when producers in developing countries are treated fairly.

    …that beauty is about bringing out the best in everyone.

It’s that kind of faith from Bubble&Balm that is getting them noticed – most recently by The Pure Beauty Awards for their Fairtrade Luxury Handwash.

For smooth moisturised skin

For smooth moisturised skin

They are the first ‘100% Fairtrade’ bodycare company in the UK, and their products actively support sustainability for the planet and no cruelty to animals.

And there’s no skimping on luxury either: their soaps are gentle on the skin, long-lasting and do not crack or go mushy; providing a rich, soothing and effective lather, leaving your skin to smell fresh and clean with a soft and smooth feel.

Check out their stylish soaps with citrus, lavender or shea butter.