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Health bragging rights with Bragg’s

Liquid Aminos for protein

Nutrition you need – taste you love

That annoying question vegetarians get asked…

“What about the protein?”

It’s never really been an issue, especially if you know about Bragg’s.

Bragg’s was a driving force in health food before we were born. One of his famous products includes Liquid Aminos, a kind of all purpose seasoning made from soy protein. It includes 16 of the 20 amino acids which our body needs.

So it makes a wonderful top up for anyone seeking to include more protein in their diet (though it should never be used to replace other sources of protein). It also tastes great, adding a savoury touch to any food you may care to add it to. Not to mention that it’s gluten free, so a useful alternative to soy sauce for coeliacs.

Bragg’s also do a great line in cider vinegar – famous for its health benefit with diabetes, digestion, calcium intake, weight loss, blood pressure etc. Bragg’s cider vinegar can come plain or sweetened with stevia or grape or boosted in its healthfulness by ginger or acai.

You know what they say: look after your body and your body will look after you.

Tigernuts, the original superfood?

Peeled tiger nuts

Tigernuts are choc-full of goodness

It seems that the designers of the paleo diet have got it wrong…

The major food in our ancient diet wasn’t meat or berries or nuts.

According to Oxford University it was in fact tigernuts (which aren’t nuts at all, but a kind of superfood tuber or herb).

But this isn’t as terrible as it sounds. Tigernuts (or is it tiger nuts?) are actually quite sweet, almost almondy, and full of nutrition.

In fact, the list of nutritional benefits is quite big (not surprising if it was the caveman’s basic food). They are high in fibre and protein and have equal or greater amounts of iron, zinc, copper and magnesium than milk. Tigernuts are also high in calcium, iron, phosphorus and thiamine. They are cholesterol reducing, prebiotic and rich in fatty acids, vitamin C and E. Gram for gram, these tiny titans contain almost twice the starch of potatoes, making an excellent appetite suppressant.

For those with allergies, tigernuts can be made into a naturally sweet milk and, because they are also naturally gluten free, they lend themselves to baking as a flour. They also make a simple alternative to using nuts in meals, but they need to be soaked first.

Tigernuts are also known as chuffa nuts, earth almonds, rush nut, Florida almonds and yellow nut grass. At GoodnessDirect they are available whole or peeled, and as a flour or milk.

Free from treats – the best things come in small packages

Simple pleasures. Ever noticed how it can be those little snacks that get you through the day?

Simple, as long as the ingredients are okay for you.

Dairy Free chocolate buttons are a great example. They have been popular ever since I started work in the health food business.

Mums love them, because their children love them. Humdinger makes them as milk or white chocolate and, you won’t need me to tell you, they’re perfect for cakes.

Another great example is Mini Moo’s Bunnycomb Bar. It’s dairy free again and organic, but the pleasure comes from all those little honeycomb pieces littered over the top of the chocolate.

If chocolate isn’t your thing, then adults and children alike love those Slightly Sour gummy bears, properly titled Vegebears as they’re vegan. In fact there’s a whole range of organic Vegebear sweets from Just Wholefoods to check out.

For the tiniest treat of all you might be interested in Beond’s Organic Blueberry Bite. At only 57 calories this smallest of snacks not only looks cute, it’s a pleasure for those who are gluten free, soya free or on a vegan or raw diet.

But going back to chocolate, Pulsin have brought out a Vanilla Choc Chip protein snack. It’s still small and simple but it’s potent, packed with 12g of protein, low GI and yet gluten and soya free and ideal for vegans.

Good things still come in small packages.


Chia is becoming increasingly available

white chia

Chia: full of Omega 3

I’m very glad that chia seeds are becoming more readily available.

They are very high in Omega 3, in perfect balance with Omega 6, and are brim-full with nutrients, including antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fibre.

We’ll increasingly see it become available in foods such as Biofair’s organic Palitos, a gluten free, nut free and vegan South American snack made from chia and quinoa.

Chia is seen as useful to athletes, diabetics and dieters because of this way it affects the digestion of nutrients. So much so that the grain company, Linusit, recommended that you consume a maximum of 15g of chia a day and only with 150ml of water.

The seed can be used with yoghurt and cereals or sprinkled over soups, vegetables, salads or desserts. Chia can even be used in home baking for breads, cakes and biscuits.

While chia seed can be used as a wholegrain, Linusit offers both whole and milled white chia seed. They also guarantee their seed is gluten and lactose free.

Have you missed out on miso?

If you’re vegetarian have you tried miso soup yet?

It’s a healthy and nutritious Japanese soup and very useful if you’re on a plant based diet.

Miso is a mix of ingredients from fermented rice, barley and soya. It is low in calories and fat but high in B12 and protein.

organic miso

Naturally sweet white miso

There are lots of different types of miso but the most common types are white, red or mixed. But you can also use miso as a salad dressing, marinade, a sauce or glaze.

The good news is it’s easy to make: you just add water. And the best news is that Clearspring have a good variety of organic miso paste. A good flavour to start with is the white miso because it’s lighter in flavour and Clearspring make a box with 4 single servings of white miso with sea vegetables to try out.

Trek’s protein flapjacks – for when ordinary flapjacks won’t do

Some people rave about flapjacks. Not me.

Trek protein flapjacks

Extra protein for top performance

Yes, they’re delicious, but for all the talk about helping you feel fuller for longer, I’ve found they only increase my sense of hunger.

So, I’m really interested in these new Trek Protein Flapjacks. Not only do they have the slow release energy of oats, they also combine the fulsome brilliance of soya protein pieces, adding a satisfying crunch to that normally gooey flapjack experience.

Maybe it’s just me, but I find that protein always leaves me feeling more satisfied.

With 11-12g of protein per bar, these flapjacks are made with a mix of fruits, oats and nuts, plus soya protein, to keep you going. (So, yes, they’re vegan and gluten free too.) And, of course, you can eat them wherever you like: for breakfast, between meals or out on a hike.

I would suggest you sample the Oat Raisin, but I already did, so why not go for a fruity Morning Berry or the chocolate topped Cocoa Coconut? There’s six flavours to try in total:

Flapjacks with punch (not just for kids)

Did you know there are normal flapjacks and then there are sports flapjacks?

What more could you want in a flapjack?

What more could you want in a flapjack?

For example, normal flapjacks come in friendly looking wrappers, like the Jackson Bar -  a handmade snack made from all natural ingredients. It comes in four flavours and relies on honey and fruit juice rather than refined sugar.

A treat like this was designed for kids.

But then there are flapjacks with a bit more punch. Like the Clif Bar, made by a mountaineer for people who like adventure. These are designed as energy bars using organic ingredients and are very successful amongst outdoorsy type people.

Maybe a flapjack packed full of nutrients?

Maybe a flapjack packed full of nutrients?

The idea is to provide a mix of whole grains, protein and fiber plus vitamins and minerals designed to keep you going.

It’s a flapjack on steroids.

Speaking of which, ahem, Clif now also have Builder’s Bars for bodybuilding fans. It still has oats in it, though I’m not sure we can call it a flapjack any longer. It’s wrapped in chocolate and comes with 20g of complete protein and 23 vitamins and minerals – the kind of thing bodybuilders love.