Layered Lunches – the ultimate meal in a jar

Are you looking for a quick and easy meal idea for the summer months? Mason jar meals are perfect for a no-cook summer meal or grab n go lunch or … Continue Reading →

Nutritional Tips – for optimal physical activity

In order to reduce or eliminate injury during exercise it’s a good idea to make sure your body is in tip top condition. Good nutrition and hydration are essential to … Continue Reading →

Free From treats for summer – the best things come in small packages

Simple pleasures. Ever noticed how it can be those little snacks that get you through the day? Simple, as long as the ingredients are okay for you. Dairy Free chocolate … Continue Reading →

Love Your Blender – easy recipes to personalise your super smoothie

We’re so excited about Love Your Blender products that we’re still talking about them. Did you catch our other Love Your Blender blog? If not you can read it here … Continue Reading →

Top Tips for Slow or on the go Breakfasts!

The key to a great breakfast is remembering that eating a healthy breakfast energises, keeps the weight down and helps make you healthier and happier. So what’s on the menu at … Continue Reading →

Banana Quinoa Cake Recipe – Gluten-free and vegan

Have you ever tried baking with quinoa flour? It’s gluten free for a start and all the protein in the quinoa helps to give the bread some of its structure. … Continue Reading →

Calling all Vegans – Complete Protein sources here

If you’re a vegan, did you know that a peanut butter sandwich is a fantastic combination for a source of complete protein? (Provided you use wholemeal bread.) Or how about rice … Continue Reading →

Nutritious snacks from North Wales

If you’re active in sports it’s likely that you’ve heard of the 9bar. Wholesome snackbars made from seeds and nuts, supplying you with the protein energy you need, including the … Continue Reading →

Health bragging rights with Bragg’s

That annoying question vegetarians get asked… “What about the protein?” It’s never really been an issue, especially if you know about Bragg’s. Bragg’s was a driving force in health food … Continue Reading →

Tigernuts, the original superfood?

It seems that the designers of the paleo diet have got it wrong… The major food in our ancient diet wasn’t meat or berries or nuts. According to Oxford University … Continue Reading →

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