New from Fria – gluten free breads you have to try

For gluten free bread that makes a difference you have got to try Fria. Their bread tastes more delicious than normal bread, and for gluten free bread, that’s really saying … Continue Reading →

New gluten free veggie meals from Amy’s Kitchen

If you want some homely vegetarian food, but can’t be bothered to cook yourself, there’s no better choice than Amy’s Kitchen. Amy’s make all their food just as you would … Continue Reading →

Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flours will bless your heart (as well as your stomach)

I’ve forgotten to tell you about Bob’s Red Mill. We’ve been selling their flours for several weeks now and they’ve been selling like… well, the ingredients for hot cakes. Bob’s … Continue Reading →

New vegan pizza cheese scores highly

A good vegan cheese is hard to find. And when it comes to good vegan cheese for pizza it’s near impossible. The majority of them just don’t melt right. But … Continue Reading →

Organic vegetarian ravioli – one taste and you’re smitten

As a kid one of my favourite foods had to be ravioli. What can I say? I love pasta, and pasta stuffed with other foods seemed even better! Biona Organic … Continue Reading →

Healthy pizza – is it possible?

If you are living, breathing member of the human race… You are also likely to love pizza. But, if you are a conscientious type of person, you may also be … Continue Reading →

Vegan pizzas have arrived at GoodnessDirect

For ages we wait for vegan pizzas to be available to buy off the shelf, then two versions come along at the same time… Mamma Cucina and Redwood have both … Continue Reading →

Amisa’s gluten free pizza bases and porridge – made with love

Those brilliant people at Amisa have been in the lab again. Now they’ve brought out a gluten free pizza base with a deep soft texture to it. It’s made of … Continue Reading →

Pasta is the world’s favourite food, but can it save the world?

We Brits eat a lot of pasta, but not as much as the Tunisians or Venezuelans and, of course, the Italians. This worldwide appeal explains why pasta has been found … Continue Reading →

Guaranteed fun with organic Kiddies Pizza (by What On Earth)

What better way to introduce organic food to kids than with organic pizza? And what a way to discover healthy eating! Now, personally, I think children know quality food when … Continue Reading →

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