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New from Fria – gluten free breads you have to try

Fria Gluten free hamburger buns

Gluten free hamburger buns

For gluten free bread that makes a difference you have got to try Fria.

Their bread tastes more delicious than normal bread, and for gluten free bread, that’s really saying something.

Reviewer MarkJohn writes,

I loved it, the slices weren’t that big so you didn’t feel you had eaten a full meal, I didn’t feel bloated as I usually do after eating a lot of normal bread, I felt that the bread tasted a lot better than your standard run of the mill bread… I would definitely try some more Fria gluten free bread and I would be interested in trying other products from the Fria range, I know products they produce vary from, breads to chocolate cakes to apple muffins and many more.

More and more baked goods are available from Fria all the time. Plus they’re dairy free, can be kept frozen and then simply defrosted and eaten straight away.

As an example, Fria have recently brought out new hamburger rolls which they call Hamburgerbrod (Fria is a Swedish company) – with these fluffy baps, summer BBQs need never be a disaster again.
Fria’s do a range of sweet breads too. Their latest lemony muffin, the Citronmuffin, is deliciously tangy and sweet. Just pop some in the oven and enjoy a heavenly aroma of vanilla and lemon in the air.

Or, for something more wholesome, try the Fria Bovetefrallor, a filling wholemeal roll made with buckwheat flakes and carrot.

Fria really have such an extensive range, from pizza breads to cinnamon rolls, it’s really worth taking a look to find the perfect bread for you.

New gluten free veggie meals from Amy’s Kitchen

If you want some homely vegetarian food, but can’t be bothered to cook yourself, there’s no better choice than Amy’s Kitchen.

Amy’s make all their food just as you would in a home kitchen, only bigger. As one of their founders says, “Other companies manufacture food, we cook it.ˮ

Amy's Kitchen rice crust pizza

‘Home cooked food’ from Amy’s Kitchen

And the meals are full of home comfort imagination too…

New to Amy’s Kitchen is their Broccoli & Cheddar Bake, an egg free Vegetable Lasagne, the ‘Manhattan Burger‘ (dairy free again) made with vegetables, mushrooms and quinoa and a gluten free Rice Crust Cheese Pizza. In fact, all of these meals are gluten free  and organic.

Such is our love for Amy’s Kitchen and their homely meals Amy’s are fast becoming familiar favourites around the UK.

Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flours will bless your heart (as well as your stomach)

I’ve forgotten to tell you about Bob’s Red Mill.

Bob's Red Mill

Gluten free and traditional flours from Bob’s Red Mill

We’ve been selling their flours for several weeks now and they’ve been selling like… well, the ingredients for hot cakes.

Bob’s Red Mill is built on respect for tradition and respect for the grain. That’s why they can be trusted for their gluten free products and, in the USA, as organic foods.

They offer unique flours such as garbanzo flour, millet and tapioca, as well as gluten free mixes for pancakes, pizzas, bread or cake.

The Bob’s Red Mill range is actually huge, but their hearts are bigger. The company is known for its respect for people too.

For the founder’s 81st birthday, rather than receiving gifts, Bob decided to give his company away – to his employees. It’s possibly the greatest example of the honest-to-goodness approach that makes Bob’s Red Mill one of the leading names in health food in the USA.

New vegan pizza cheese scores highly


Vegan grated cheese

A good vegan cheese is hard to find.

And when it comes to good vegan cheese for pizza it’s near impossible.

The majority of them just don’t melt right.

But a reviewer on veggies.co.uk reckons they’ve found the perfect solution in a pre-grated cheese called Veganic.

“This veganic cheese is amazing it tastes like a mild cheddar cheese and the texture is very similar to real cheese.  This one melts very nicely,  I have tried it as a cheese on toast, on top of a garlic bread and on some pasta and so far everything I have tried has worked. I cannot stress enough how good this vegan cheese is and how close it is to real cheese.  If you are new to being a vegan or if you miss cheese then this is certainly the best out there right now.”

Veganic ‘s grated cheese is also gluten free and comes in small, medium and large bags.

In addition, Veganic make an excellent pre-sliced cheese, Vioslife. It’s a firm textured, buttery flavoured cheese, perfect for crackers and sandwiches. In reviews it also rates highly:


Tastes as cheese should

“The slices are like a mild cheddar cheese and have a lovely flavour,  the texture is just like real cheese.  To be honest I am not sure if anyone would notice the difference.”

So if you’re dairy-free or lactose free or avoid dairy for vegan or religious reasons, it’s a good idea to try Veganic.

Organic vegetarian ravioli – one taste and you’re smitten

As a kid one of my favourite foods had to be ravioli.

What can I say? I love pasta, and pasta stuffed with other foods seemed even better!

Biona Organic have obviously taken advantage of my love of all things Italian and created a vegetarian Ravioli Pizzaiola which is filled with ricotta, mozzarella, tomato and Italian pizza herbs.

Biona Ravioli Pizzaiola

2 great tastes in one – pizza and ravioli

I’m ashamed to say that one taste led to a whole plate of the little parcels being devoured in minutes.

It also tasted better than I remember as a child, I’m not sure if it was because of the organic ingredients or their pizza like nature.

If Biona’s Pizzaiola doesn’t satisfy you then the company also make larger rectangles of ravioli filled with spinach and leek.

Warning: these are surprisingly filling.

Healthy pizza – is it possible?

Healthy pizza is finally here

Healthy pizza is finally here!

If you are living, breathing member of the human race…

You are also likely to love pizza.

But, if you are a conscientious type of person, you may also be concerned all that white flour dough, oil and cheese  which can’t be so good for you.

So Whole Creations have gone and made the whole thing healthy for you.

If you want a full, delicious tasting pizza here it is. It comes with a nutritious thin wholemeal base made from 100% wholegrain and lots of vegetables on top to count towards your five a day – at least 2 or 3 on every pizza.

It’s low GI (the best way of losing weight) and makes a good source of protein with just the right amount of cheese. Best of all, it’s vegetarian and the taste is unique.

Choose from Roasted Vegetable, Cherry Tomato and Mozzarella, Mixed Pepper and Goats Cheese or Spinach, Ricotta and Tomato.

Vegan pizzas have arrived at GoodnessDirect

For ages we wait for vegan pizzas to be available to buy off the shelf, then two versions come along at the same time…

Mamma Cucina and Redwood have both introduced new pizzas made with dairy free cheese and both are available from GoodnessDirect.

Why the long wait? Well it’s the tricky art of producing a meltable vegan cheese that makes the difference. However, the breakthrough now means that one of the world’s favourite foods is available to vegans in minutes.

Redwood have three vegan pizzas to try. Using their non-meat expertise they’ve produced a normal Margherita, a Ham-Style and Pineapple version and the exciting Meatless Feast Pizza.

Mamma Cucina offer a Margherita or Vegetable Pizza, but they are bigger and have the extra benefit of being gluten-free.

But the real competition is going to be in the taste. We’re not saying which tastes best? That’s up to you to find out…